Cubase leaves my UR22 silent after i close it

Im running CB 12 Pro on Windows 10. All up to date as of today. My interface is a UR22-C using the latest ASIO driver.
Often, but not always, after i have closed CB (and ive checked, there is nothing in Task manager) i have no sound system through the UR22. iTunes/VLC/Windows system sound test etc will all play, but i hear nothing.
If i open CB again that works fine, but even though i have it set to release the audio driver when in background it makes no difference.
If i go in to the UR22 control panel and change the Feq everything comes to life. Doesn’t matter if it’s 44.1 or 48, I have to change it over to hear anything. I can use either after that.
Other days it all works fine, so i know there is no setting i have to adjust.

Please, its not my GPU, and im not about to reinstall my whole system, this seems to be Steinberg related (i can still get audio out of my monitor or anything else connected to the PC, just not the UR22.

As far as I know there is a bug with the latest driver version which causes the issue you describe.
The only way to fix it is to install the previous 2.0.4 version.
It’s explained here :

Also, you shouldn’t be using Release Driver since it can cause more issues.
Please read the Audio Setup Guide.


Thank you for the reply and info.
I’ll go back to the previous version for now.