Cubase losing preferences

Okay, Cubase loses it’s preferences once in a while (very irritating but I use Acronis True Image to back it up daily) but recently it’s losing them every other day it seems.
Does anyone know why this happens and how it can be prevented?

yes it is a pain in the ass that seems to happen to many users. The best tip I have is to save your preferences as a preset, that seems to have the best effect and should you lose them again just reload the preset.

Good idea. I just hope the preset isn’t stored in the preferences folder!

It is probably because Cubase crashes.
Find out what makes Cubase crash, (usually a plugin).
Could be that it crashes when exiting, check that the Cubase process is not still running after you quit it.

it could be one theory, for many that is an issue - for me, it is not the case - Cubase 10 hasn’t remembered my outputs in the output section at all. Lucky for me I use the Control Room and don’t use the outputs that are enabled by Cubase every time I start (even when it closes perfectly)… and for whatever reason, the settings in Control Room are remembered.

and btw, inputs I guess Cubase have never stored? because those I must set for every project.

No in/outs are not part of preferences, just changing the audio interface will make it forget .
In the Studio Connections INPUT there is a option to save thees, same for OUTPUTS, but not for both.
Like there is no option to save external connections, well there is a favorites option.
That entire IN/OUT including external instruments should be reworked, I know it has been on the list for future improvements since Cubase 7.
But I guess it’s not an easy fix, and probably not the most sexy feature to attract new customers.
Anyway, Cubase saves preferences when shutting down, not when you change them.
I would try opening Cubase, changing preferences and Quit Cubase again without loading any project. If restarting Cubase has kept the changed preferences, then there at least does not seem to be any problems with write permissions.

When I say preferences, I mean all Cubase program stuff save in C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 10.5_64
I.E. Audio Connections, presets, plugin info etc…Not to mention Recent projects". As far as I know, Cubase hasn’t crashed.

Just did it again today, very frustrating…

This is a Cubase feature

I just wish I knew what was causing this and why? Mods?
If I didn’t have a daily backup I’d lose:
All my Studio Setup inc. various generic and mackie remotes, my ASIO settings etc.
All my basic settings, program startup, project presets, logical presets etc.
All my key commands, workspaces etc.
Scary stuff…

You may already know or have tried this, but to eliminate one possibility:

  1. Take any prior versions of Cubase and either hide or trash everything in the Cubase AppData folder. If trashing, save this stuff first and put it somewhere else since you probably have lots of preferences that you don’t want to loose so you can restore at a later time.

  2. Then take Cubase 10.5 and in that AppDAta folder save it to somewhere else like the desktop or whatever because you don’t want to loose all your 10.5 preferences. Then, assured you have a back-up of everything inside AppData stored somewhere else on your PC, delete the AppData>roaming>steinberg>Cubase 10.5 folder so it forces Cubase 10.5 once re-starting, to re-build everything in AppDat fresh. Then test to see if you still loose data each day while all older Cubase versions are hidden.

The reasoning is that if you have a prior version of Cubase, and you only trashed preferences of your current Cubase version, then when Cubase10.5 re-builds, it can still somehow import data from a prior version. I’m guessing most of us have been trashing for years. But what’s new for myself anyway is making sure older Cubase versions are not corrupting a current version.

double post

I’ll try that but the problem is losing them in the first place.

Yes, this is just a process of elimination to make sure another Cubase version isn’t somehow corrupting, or making them somehow vanish.

I’ll assume you have checked your hard drive health, and vanishing files isn’t happening outside Cubase?

Yes, Cubase preferences are the only things that change regularly.

It’s intermittent or random, and recently vanishing stuff has become worse to the point of every other day. How long ago did you first notice it happening?

As Peakae suggested above, remembering that preferences are only saved upon shut down, have you changed preferences and Quit Cubase without loading any project. That way you know there is not a write permission problem.

I’ll assume you have uninstalled then reinstalled C10.5? For testing purposes, I don’t think there would be any need once 10.5 is re-installed to update.
Remember before doing that, delete your Cubase stuff inside the app data folder because the uninstall/reinstall of Cubase won’t delete any of that stuff.

Then I would keep all prior versions of Cubase isolated by re-naming them. Don’t forget to delete the prior versions stuff in the corresponding app data folders. Start Cubase in Safe Mode, and assuming your confident you have carefully backed up all this stuff somewhere else, choose the most harsh or option. I think its the one where it says something like your going to loose everything.

Registry clean?

I am grasping at straws.

I will assume when you saved all the Cubase stuff inside the app data folder to another location for the purpose of hiding it, that everything there is still exactly as you saved it, and it’s not somehow vanishing…unlike whats going on with random stuff vanishing in your current C10.5 app data folder?

Call Steinberg if you live in the USA. I doubt you will get very far but it’s worth a shot. These days they usually do the “ill turn it into the team” routine and you never hear from anyone again for months if ever. Maybe call or write a reputable Steinberg PC builder who will sacrifice 10 minutes of his time to hear your problem and suggest something you haven’t tried. Fred at PC Audio labs used to work for Steinberg USA but he is gone however maybe trace him on the forums. There are builders on other forums you might try. Some give good advice hoping you remember their name when it’s time for a new PC build.

Other than this, and being assured the health of your C drive is good, I can’t think of anything. But do please give the solution if and when you figure it out, and good luck!

Thanks for the detailed help. One thing I do is turn off my entire system with my main power switch and quite often Cubase is still active, could that be a reason?
BTW I’v done this for years with no issues…

:slight_smile: Really ?
Until Cubase has completely quit, You can’t be sure the preferences are saved.
Not to speak of Windows that constantly is reading and writing to the disk, I’m surprised it is still booting.

I’m no expert, but even once you properly close Cubase, then power>shut down, I think Windows 10 does quite a few tasks from the point of shut-down until all the monitors and PC is actually off.

You might give this a try and expect better results.

Cubase made a change to read the hardware configuration at start up, or was it Universal Audio? My facts are probably incorrect. I can’t quite remember what was changed that caused me to have same problem. What I do remember is that I have to MAKE SURE that my UAD Apollo Console configuration is in place and active BEFORE I startup Cubase if it is NOT then Cubase does not have the Audio Connections anymore. Cubase did not used to care about the hardware config, but does now. I save ALL these configs in UAD Console AND in Cubase Studio Audio Connections - If I lose them then it’s easy to load configs. I also have changed so that I DO NOT turn off my Apollos or Cubase when I go out or sleep. I have been leaving my PCs on for 30 years based on manufactures suggestion, and recently read a post by an Apollo Technician who said his have been on since 2005 - is is alot faster with NO startup too.