Cubase Missing visuals - black screen on Mac Sonoma

After updating to Sonoma 14.0 (Beta), Cubase is utterly broken - the attached image speaks for itself, but to nail it down, I have become victim to the old school issue of sprites not loading correctly. They only do so when I move my cursor above the black areas. I truly did not think I would encounter this problem after leaving Windows XP behind…

Anyone have similar issues? Or better yet, a fix?

I’ve reinstalled Cubase to no avail, and no other application gives me this issue, so this is very strange indeed. I’ve also restarted the computer, which didn’t work, so now I’m at a bit of an impasse.

Any feedback is appreciated!

Peter Harket

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MacOS Sonoma is not yet supported. In the past support came only after the new OS was released to the public.


I can’t understand that somebody is complaining about a beta version of an operating system from Apple. Oh wait, he complains about Cubase.
It’s not working on a system that was introduced after Cubase 12.0.70 was released. Well…

Im in sonoma and i dont have a problem ! All plugin and soft work for me

It’s some OS versions later, I guess.

Same problem! And now Sonoma is official!

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Steinberg has, since the beginning, only announced compatibility with an OS version after the OS release. So maybe wait a few seconds for them to do the testing?

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It’s the same every year. Apple changes stuff, software devs have to update. Always wait!

macOS updates itself by default now. So a lot of people will automatically get Sonoma.

I only have a coloring bug in the UI of Steinberg Library Manager. The app is pink now. :cowboy_hat_face:

No other bugs found yet.

Same for me. Don’t work. I reinstall Cubase and reinstall SO and don’t work.

You van quite easily change that behaviour. Something I would recommend all Pros do, not jut when it comes to Cubase but when you rely on working software to get your job done.

Blessed to have ‘redundant’ systems so I took a chance. Loaded Sonoma on my MacBook M1 Pro in the studio. No issues that I can tell. Kontakt 7 (using Shreddage 3 instruments), Equator, and SampleModeling all ran fine. Used NAM (Neural Amp Modeler) and used Steinberg stock Reverence reverb to load cabinet IR’s. No issues. Used iPad Pro via bluetooth as midi controller (Velocity Keyboard app). Recovering from knee surgery so this wasn’t an extensive test by any means. And your mileage may vary. I just wanted to add my experience to the list.

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Same problem here too.

Same problem different color. Resizing the window or moving it to the other screen fixes the problem, but every other tool window has the same problem. And yes, Sonoma is now released to public @steve


Already discussed and solved for example here.