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I’d like to make a general suggestion about the direction I think Cubase should move toward. I make my living as a music producer and I’d like Steinberg to focus more on enhancing and improving workflow in Cubase. I don’t need more plugins. Please stop devoting resources to new stock plugins. 3rd party developers are doing a great job of covering those needs. What I need is a DAW with a quick, intuitive workflow so I can spend more time focusing on the creative stuff. Cubase is pretty good right now, but it could be better. The new Batch Export feature in C11 is a great move in the right direction, and I’d like to see more of this. Do you agree?
An example of a small workflow improvement: When assigning tracks to group channels the menu we have to deal with is so small and fiddly. And to find my list of group channels I have to click this tiny drop down menu icon and then scroll down to see the whole list because the window is too small to show me all the information at once. I need to assign routing quickly so I can keep moving. It’s a small thing, but these little stumbling blocks slow me down and stack up over time.
And the mixer needs a phase switch on every track. Checking phase is a frequent task for me, I think the switch should be right there next to the fader. Anyway, I’m sure other people have their own workflow specific suggestions they can chime in with.
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To increase your chances at getting supporting votes and/or comments you may want to break out your commentary into separate topics.

And to increase your odds at anyone that matters seeing your feature-requests, you may want to tag the applicable posts accordingly.

You’re not alone, please see this thread and vote for it:

Enhancing Cubase’s Core Workflow Efficiency to the Power of 3 x Pi + 4th dimension - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Although, I will say… Steinbergs plugin development has been really top notch - there should be credit given there.

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Thanks for your feedback. Can you tell me who “matters” in this forum? And how do I tag them?

That’s an impressive post you made, and I agree with most of them. Voted.

I stand by my comment, the plugin market is oversaturated and this glut of plugins is a distraction that gets in the way of creativity/productivity. I already have too many plugins, lol.