Cubase Navigation is the worst!

Tools upon tools and clicks galore… God forbid there is something smart or customizable about it (custom modifiers). You want to draw? There is a tool for that. You want to erase? Another tool. You want to cut, glue??? Tools upon tools… And the fact that you can’t click anywhere in the session to navigate… I can’t even begin to express my frustration. Move your mouse up on the navigation bar to select location, down to edit, up again to move to another place, down to edit!!! I don’t know how you guys do it but I guess if you don’t know what you’re missing… ignorance is bliss.

Every other DAW has either custom modifiers or a smart tool that allows you to do multiple things with just one tool and one hand! Logic has both and even the ability to select a custom tool for the right click! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

You should be able to click anywhere inside the events and the cursor should follow in that location! Why else would I move my cursor in that position?! Here’s a video showing the line following the pointer…

Mmm, were not missing anything and the ignorance is yours I’m afraid.

There is a preference for locating when clicking an empty area of the project.
There are indeed tool modifiers, of course. They could be expanded a bit though I will give you that.

Do you really think Cubase could be where it is, one of the top 3, with all the things you mentioned?
Wouldn’t make sense.

So what is the question?

i kind of agree with the OP - the preference is awkward to use, because, just as its name suggests, only works when NOT clicked on an event.

i had to program my own macro that instantly moves the cursor on the timeline, clicks, and returns to the original mouse coordinates, in milliseconds, to achieve that functionality (which i also find quite essential for working).

see my vid

i think this is something to be considered by sb…

Exactly. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. Your suggestions btw don’t address any of my points. Read my post again.

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Through my macro I have only managed to achieve that with the range tool. How did you do it with the select tool?

i call a function to determine to coordinates of the project window (or the key editor if that’s what’s the active window). then i note down its coordinates, i save the current mouse coordinates, i call a function to click on where i know the timeline is offset by the coordinates of the active window, and i return the cursor to its original location. it all happens in an instant though so it’s not really visible.

i can’t imagine my editing without it now, it’s made me so much faster and more efficient with production jobs.

I’m on a Mac using controllermate and although I have control over mouse coordinates, I doubt I can achieve the whole string with offsets and so on… impressive though. I’m using an apple trackpad and a custom 128 X-key controller, running 4 macro apps simultaneously to get cubase’s Nav somewhat bearable and it still won’t suffice. It’s beyond sad…

i agree that it takes a lot of digging, struggling against flakey generic remote implementation, and working around, but as far as actual navitagation is concerned, i find it much faster to get around a project than what i can achieve with ableton, PT or FL studio. so i’m just wondering what DAW you find superior in this regard (actually wondering, not a rhetorical question).

it’s all a combination of autohotkey scripting b2b MIDI commands sent to cubase/nuendo via the generic remote protocol.

btw. this is another thing i really missed and implemented: ‘pinch-zoom’ using mousewheel and a modifier key:>&s=8#.VNi_YfmjO3E

i actually compiled the code for this zooming macro and there’s an explanation on how to implement it here:

PM’ed about the rest.

I have Cubase, Logic and Protools on my machine, due to customer preferences. The one I prefer myself is Cubase. You can complain about cubase all you like. I love the functions of Cubase and I am not to keen on the Logic solutions. For every complaint about how cubase addresses functions there is someone who is particularly satisfied with the same thing. Don´t complain. Suggest improvements instead, especially those than can be chosen or not through preferences.

Do you not use the keyboard shortcuts? Learn them and life is very simple. ie 1 cycles through the pointer functions - 2 range selection 3 scissors etc Not forgetting to mention that all this can be customised to suit your own personal preferences.

Perhaps it is too much effort to use two hands? I can’t say I have given this much thought as I am happy working the way I do. I am sure that whichever way tools are organised it is going to have some drawbacks.

:arrow_right: The fastest Cubase operator I ever saw was someone who had the key commands completely memorized. He barely needed the mouse at all.


remember: Today’s DAW software are not a one-click-tool (!) sorry…


I have all kc’s memorized yet I find mouse indispensable for certain tasks. I wouldn’t try to impose one type of workflow on anybody though - it’s horses for courses. When I do midi, mouse is needed less, when I do post to picture, I can’t live without it. Ultimately, don’t write off a request based on a subjective presumption it’s ‘wrong’. The fact I went out of my way to program the function with a script shows there is some demand for things like this.

Specifically regarding navigation on the timeline, both PT and Logic. Especially Logic that gives you everything cubase AND Protools has and then some.

In short, THE RANGE AND THE SELECT TOOL SHOULD BE ONE. If you click inside the waveform the cursor should move there. If you drag it should automatically become a range selection. If you double click it should select the whole event - which is what happens with the range tool anyway but its functionality is extremely limited. To access the editors you could right click or triple-click or use a modifier or… There are plenty of ways. Also the draw and erase tool should be one. My main issue is that the tools do only one thing when they could be “smart” and do plenty to speed up workflow.

Using 2 hands is my main issue. Why? Because with most other DAWs you need only one. I’m sorry, I’m spoiled. I’m here to tell you there is a better way. At least there should be an option in the preferences.

This is where you’re wrong and that’s the point of this whole thread. To be able to use only one hand while the other one is on a piano keyboard or a drum pad or a fader or…

many good points. Right click context menus, cubase has completely missed the boat with useless duplicates of things easily found elsewhere.

I don´t think so…
I have worked many years with Pro Tools (and ProControl+Faderpacks). I´m a formerly Logic user.

but ok, I agree in terms of the rangetool (selection) and and in some areas of the automation (trim mode e.g.) in Cubendo.

In Nuendo I actually mostly use only “ALT”, with this key command you can do it all, cut/copy/draw e.g.(!) - this is my primary > multi-tool.
And in the midi editor I use CTRL+SHIFT for velocity adjustments directly on midi notes.

This is all you need for the most tasks in Cubendo. Very fast workflow.
That´s it.



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To be able to use only one hand while the other one is on a piano keyboard or a drum pad or a fader or…

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In this case I agree: would like to have all “tools” (functions) with one mouse click (!)


Actually I think this is where you are wrong. I am right handed and can envision very few occasions where I would be using a keyboard with my left hand whilst manipulating a mouse with my right. I don’t play a guitar with one hand and if I play a keyboard with one hand the left is usually manipulating the mod wheel. If I am editing Cubase with the mouse my left hand is not occupied with another (different) task. So no time is wasted pressing a keyboard shortcut.

I do agree that some of the tool functions could be juiced up, but this whole multi-tasking stuff is cobblers. Perhaps I am not up with the new ways of doing things! I am however pretty happy with how I do it. How can you edit while playing a keyboard…this I have to see. I would rather concentrate upon one thing at a time to get the best results from both.

+1 for lukasbrooklyn’s video of how elegantly Cursor Navigation should be in Cubendo - without the need for 3rd party tools and macro command programming courses. This should extend to being available in all the editors (clicking to locate anywhere in a blank space inside VariAudio editor anyone…? Double-clicking to playback from that point…? etc, etc…).

I don’t ever have the global preference ‘Click to locate in empty space’ enabled - theres never any ‘blank space’ when I want it, visible on screen at the place I am working. An ability to Click (with a modifier) inside a part/event to simply locate the Cursor, would be very useful.

+1 to the OP for ‘smarter’ tools generally

Wow! It looks great!! I think this must be built-in to Cubase.