was a way better support forum than this one is! I see too many topics with zero response.

Well, then start answering some. :confused: :unamused: :mrgreen:

This is not a support forum just a user one.


A shame the difference is such a large one. :unamused:

+1 Neither forums were or are official support forums. If you get some support from it, that is good. If not, try asking nicely again! :wink:

Wassup Hippo. Hope ya well fella :slight_smile:



oh … Tom … PM approaching soon :slight_smile:

OK :slight_smile:

Ok well then it was a better user forum. Just seems like there was a lot more activity over there. I do try and answer when i can help.

That because all the users of cracked Cubase copies who frequented the old forum aren’t here.

yea this board is a major pita and if cracked users have answers to people’s questions then so what

“So what” is that cracked users spent no money for the program and have absolutrely no stake (and at different times not much in the way of documentation) in taking the time to learn it. These are the first people to scream blinding outrage casue they can’t figure out something or the program doesn’t work as they think it should. Since they haven’t invested there is no incentive to try and figure out why there is no “pop hit” button for example but instead post bug,bug, bug all damn day.

Over the last 10 years the biggest whiners and most obnoxious posters I’ve seen have almost always been cracked users : they should be kept out.

Spoken like a true cracker! :laughing:

MY problem with this forum is that it constantly times out. Way back when, the old forum did this, but then they did something (new servers?) and it rarely happened for a long time. Now, it’s frequent. And quite lame. It makes me not want to bother coming here anymore. Only you peeps bring me back

The older forum, while rough around (and inside) the edges, was a far better place fort irreverent banter.

It was ruined by overzealous moderation, IMHO.

I remember time-out. Here, UK am getting slowdowns, but not time out … Doug how often do you get yours? Also, how often to other people get theirs?

NJSMOOTH is my interest in exploring this within acceptable relevancy criteria for your thread, or shall I open a new one?

All the best


I get loads of slow to very slow downs, particularly in the UK evening combined with timeouts, I’m talking about this happening every day, It’s not my Internet as other pages are fine it’s just steinberg dot net.

Check the post in the ‘forum issues’ subforum, there seems to be no relationship to time of the day, browser or location.

I get time-outs and slow downs on this board quite frequently.