CUBASE never shuts down

CUBASE never shuts down, I always have to end task
the first window closes, but the top bar stays
any idea why this is a thing.

Insert vst file system still opens expanded

When you close the Project Window, that closes that Project but it does not close Cubase itself. The command File>Quit closes the Cubase program. If you use it while a Project is still open it will close both the Project & Cubase. It will also prompt to save any changes if they have been made to the Project.

Acustica Audio plugins by any chance ?

There is also a good reason why it does not shut down the whole program in the first place.
When you just want to change your project Cubase will not have to load the complete DAW and all it’s assets again, just the new project.

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No not installed

Yes, just annoying i have to end task every time I close cubase.
I never have this many problems with other programs
new pc bugs still present
. Thanks for the replay :grinning:

my project files close’s fine, it’s the program its self that not terminating.
is there an output log, i can see where it’s getting stuck

Have a look at this thread:

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Thanks for the reply, i will have a read :}

by removing my (from usb)
midi keyboard that seems to have fixed the issue