Cubase posters with Cubase shortcuts?

Hey folks. Does anyone know of a posters featuring Cubase shortcuts?

Or mouse mats?

I’ve seen loads of keyboard overlays but would prefer a handy nice looking large poster I could have in my studio to refer to.

Not aware of something like this, but probably it exists.
However, I do remember that users created excel sheets with the “default” commands shortcuts. Perhaps you could simply create a custom poster by printing such sheets?
I think I’ve seen in the past such extensive work by @ggmanestraki.

A generic poster wouldn’t make sense, as everyone has their own shortcuts, but I once wrote a little app that can convert Cubase’s lKey commands.xml” into a nice (well….) HTML page, and you can print it from there.

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A bit like Editkeys Cubase keyboards don’t make sense ? They do exactly what they are supposed to , same would apply to a generic poster , not every person builds their own custom keycommands .
I can see where Drax is coming from

thanks all - surprised no one has done this before - think it would be a good little merch from steinberg to sell/throw in

I’ll design my own!

Maybe this is something for you?

Direct to the pdf here: Cubase Shortcuts.pdf (226.2 KB)

and this


Nice one

This would be a nice feature request: an option to export your key commands in let say PDF format.
Anyway, I encourage everybody to use an external app. I use Touch Portal in an old tablet where I see about 50 buttons on the table screen with my most used key commands. Each button has it´s name so I don´t have to remember anything.
There are other programs too.
Here is a picture (not mine) as example

I just noticed that I seemd to have forgotten the linke…

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Thanks for this - very useful.