Cubase Pro 10.5.20 Active Count in issue

Hi all,

I want to report a small issue, which I remember it never happened in any previous Cubase Version, about Metronome Count in Active.

Everytime I open Metronome setup, The option “Click during count in” will be enable automatically, as well as the option “Active Count in” on the transport bar.
This also happens when I click to Open Metronome setup on the transport bar.

I realize this because, I never use Count in, it’s not my habit. So it really un-comfortable to me, who have to do live-record manually almost the time.

Please help,

Thank you and hope you all well.

Yes I’ve noticed this as well

Yes, it’s a bug and it also exist in Nuendo 10.3

there is a workaround:

Of course we know clearly where the icon is.
However, the issue is, it may be active without notice, when you are working on a live project, it will be a night mare.

You are my hero!!!ThQ!!!