Cubase Pro 10 license disappeared from eLicenser

What can I say? An email to all purchasers would have been nice. I get a client coming round today and suddenly I realise that all Elicensers are now obsolete, and that there is no apparent way to fix this?

I wouldn’t mind it all, but from what I can see, there isn’t a shred of help or information online regarding how to transition to the new system. So now I just have a ton of software that I can’t even use.

Thanks for that…


Which Cubase version and edition do you use, please?

And what happened?

Cubase 10 Pro.

Basically all of my licenses have now expired and I can’t reactivate them. The issue I now have is that when I try to sign into the Steinberg Download Assistant, nothing happens. So that’s blocking me from getting access to putting in a new download authorisation code. I click “sign in” and it kind of loads for a second and then just stops.


Cubase 10 Pro license sits on the USB-eLicenser. No reactivation is needed and possible. Just plug the USB-eLicenser, please.

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You don’t need the download manger unless you need to download the C10 , just make sure you have the Elicnecer installed and plugin your dongle and you should be good to go

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Really? You are using your own kind of internet?

Nothing has changed for Cubase 10.

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The dongle has always been plugged in…

I don’t understand why it isn’t detecting that I have a license anymore.

Can you show a screenshot of the elicenser control center?


At the screenshots you sent me via Private Message I can see you own Cubase Elements 11 (not upgradable) and Cubase Elements 12 license. With these licenses you can start Cubase Elements 10, of you don’t want to use Cubase 12 for some reason. But you can’t use any Cubase Pro. The highest you can use with this license is Cubase Elements 12. Download and install this one, please.

I didn’t send you any screenshots… :confused:

This is all I am getting

??? What are you trying to do?
Starting Cubase 10 should not lead to this screen.

I am trying to reactivate my license because for some reason it has just stopped being detected. It thinks that I’m on a trial version, but I actually own Cubase 10.

Can you show us the eLicenser control center started by the start menu entry?


As we said, there is no reactivation for Cubase Pro.

Please blur the eLCC Numbers. Attach a screenshot from the eLCC application, please.

It is saying that I only have the absolute VST collection, but the lower one should say I have Cubase 10 Pro. Basically, the license for Cubase has disappeared and I can’t seem to get it back.

And why do you think that the new license system could have to do anything with this?
It doesn’t delete eLicenser content.
What is your MySteinberg account showing?

Here is the product listed on my page, and proof of purchase.

I am thinking the new license system has something to do with this because Elicenser got discontinued?

Not for Cubase 10. Nothing has changed.
Is your eLicenser registered with MySteinberg?

It is, but for some reason everything about Cubase 10 has disappeared from the Elicenser application, and everytime I try to reactivate it by putting the product code in, it won’t work. It’s just not detecting anything.