Cubase pro 11 not opening after cross grade to nuendo 11

Hi there.
As the topic title reads. I have not been able to open my cubase since the cross grade as no license is found on my dongle. I was sure you still had an active cubase license in order to open cubase but just couldnt upgrade that cubase license any more in the future. I have some old 32 bit projects that i still need to open and render to audio etc or swap out 32 bit plugins for 64 bit or different ones. Has anybody else had this issue or know a way to fix it etc. Any info would be awesome and thank you in advance.

Hi there. Nuendo 11 is on usb elicenser. But no other cubase license anymore.

According to what these guys are saying, that crossgrade does not let you keep the Cubase license.

But it shouldn’t really matter, there’s no difference between the two in regard to what you’re saying.

You can use the older versions of Nuendo, I do believe.

Yes I am very happy with nuendo. I wasnt aware i could download older versions of nuendo, that is great news so hopefully gives me a 32bit option for crossing over last projects. Thanks steve.


Yes, and it looks like Nuendo 8 is available in the Download Assistant.

Crossgrading an eLicenser version of Cubase Pro to Nuendo results in the loss of the Cubase Pro licence. A Nuendo licence will not open Cubase Pro.

Crossgrading a Steinberg Licensing version of Cubase Pro (version 12 or, in the future, a subsequent version) to Nuendo does not result in loss of the Cubase Pro licence. The Cubase Pro licence remains upgradeable, but cannot be used to qualify a further crossgrade to Nuendo.

The oldest version of Nuendo available via SDA is Nuendo 8. You mentioned the wish to open old projects with 32 bit plugins. The VSTBridge supporting 32 bit plugins in the 64 bit application was available upto Cubase 8.5 and Nuendo 7. So Nuendo 8 will not load those old plugins. Please see this article: Using 32-bit plug-ins on 64-bit systems.

Nuendo 7 is not supported anymore, and I don’t think there is a full installer available for download.


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Sorry if I gave the impression that Nuendo 8 would run 32 bit plugins… it had slipped my mind that the version numbers weren’t in lock-step as they became in later versions.

So there is a difference, and before you give up your Cubase license you should probably deal with converting those projects.

I recently crossgraded to Nuendo 11 from Cubase Pro 11 and was also concerned for the compatibility of my older projects, dating back to Cubase Pro 8.5.

In preparation, I opened every pre-Cubase Pro 11 project and re-saved (“File > Backup Project…”). This was tedious but had the welcome side-effect of cleaning out several years of orphaned audio files. [I don’t touch “Save As…” anymore. The only way to stay on top of file management is to routinely delete unused audio files from the media pool and that’s not safe when multiple projects are sharing the same space.]

With every project converted to Cubase Pro 11, I then made the leap to Nuendo 11. Thankfully, every project I’ve opened thus far has seen no issues.

In fact, things are even better than that. For the record, Cubase never updated seamlessly for me, always failing to copy my configuration data (e.g., audio settings, midi settings, preferences) and requiring many hours of rebuilding. This was so tedious and fraught with errors, I ultimately wrote a checklist that ended up being some twenty pages long. But, last week, I upgraded from Nuendo 11 to 12 and - surprise, surprise! - everything migrated without a hiccup. Pristine and perfect.

I’m loving Nuendo. Wish I’d crossgraded sooner.