Cubase Pro 12: Track ARA integration not working---- SOLVED!

The new “on track” ARA integration was a major reason for me to upgrade from Pro 11 to Pro12.
But…it does not work at all.
I tried it with Melodyne and Spectralayers 8 and was hoping for a better workflow but …no luck! :pensive:
Spectralayers will open up but then, as soon as you select an action like Unmix…it will crash and send a serious error message.
Melodyne on the other hand will not crash but will not show any detected note.
Funny enough if I launch the ARA extension from the screen top menu (for single parts not for tracks) everything works fine…but that was already in Cubase Pro 11 and I did not need an upgrade for that :wink:
A part from that, I also get a Crash Error message when I close and open Cubase again in 90% of the cases

I found a solution.
After selecting Spectralayers for the track, you need to click on any part and then BEFORE you do any edit in Spectralayers you need to select a part by clicking on one of the “Layers” as they are called in Spectralayers. Of course it would be nice to get a message like “Please select a layer before doing anything stupid” instead of “Major Crash” :innocent:

Same for Melodyne: you need first to click on one part and then expand the half page, then click on one of the parts on the left hand side.

Please Steinberg take note and insert a block before the user gets a a major crash message.
Than you

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I assume you mean “SpectraLayers” in both of your posts?

Yes, I’m sorry. Spectrasonics is a different product not supported by ARA.
I will try to edit my previous post to prevent any possible confusion.
Thank you for bringing that up

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Hi Leibniz,

yes, thank you. Have a look here

See you

Hi Michael,

I thought I’d tell you that the ARA integration with Melodyne is even worse because it does not work with the track mode.

It works only on the first track, but then if use a second track, Melodyne will open but it will be completely empty.

The old mode based on the single part is still working.

Please report this too to your team

Thank you