Cubase Pro 8.0.0 Bugs I have found so far.

(*) Double clicking to change the name of a track only works on startup. Once into a project, I can not rename a track.

(*) Key Editor only opens sometimes when clicking on a MIDI track. When it does open, the focus is rarely placed on the Key Editor Window. The Focus remains on the previous window. The Key Editor window does not move to the foreground, but stays in the background.

(*) Inside Key Editor at times hitting a note on the virtual keyboard will cause it to play 5 or 10 seconds instead of just the amount of time you hit the key. Restarting the application fixes this, until it happens again.


It seems like people have one set of glitches while others have a different set. I haven’t encountered the first and third bugs (in fact, those features work fine for me) but I’ve encountered miniscule window focus issues.

I’m running Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit, SP1.

Don’t know if that matters or not.

Confirmed. Same here. :frowning:

I’m not experiencing any of these bugs.

I have this combined with cubase not sending or receiving midi data from my external keyboard and synths. I have previously made a post about this, but seems I am the only one suffering from this problem. I am hoping that SB address this in the next update, but i’m not holding out on that one!!!

Two more bugs that pops up is trying to hit File>Save. Its as if the mouse click doesn’t take. Moving the Menu bar around a bit then trying it seems to work.
Also, When hitting (F2) Transport Panel then changing the tempo, the mouse grabs on to the entire Transport panel and the mouse is stuck with it, dragging it around until you right click, then it lets go and you can edit the tempo.

could be your are running Windows 8.1 instead of Windows 7?

I get the same behavior / bug !!

win7x64, and have none of these problems. Are you using automap or something other exotic software ?

no. I never had these issues in 7.5. I use a lot of VSTs, (NI Machine, Komplete, electri6ity,etc.)

Would like to chime in here:
I’m not seeing none of the issues users are having. I really believe CP8 was not optimized for Win 7. Majority of issues I see from those that have a signature posted are using Win 7. I don’t see them going back to resolve things. Is it compatible with Win 7? Yes. Is it optimized for Win 8.1? Yes. It might be time to update the OS no matter how much you love Win 7. Also, Using old graphic,audio,cpu and Hard drives will not cut it either. I made the switch years ago to win 8 and didn’t like it at first, but I bought j-Bridge for my 32’s and run mostly 64 bit plugs and CP8 is running great. Little niggles and snags, but nothing show stopping. :wink:

win7x64 - I don’t have any of these issues. You should check it with the safe start mode:[keyword_search]=Safe%20Start

I’m on Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit I’m not having any issues other than those documented by SB.

CP8 is running very smoothly and efficiently on my Workstation.

As far as I’m concerned and backed up my many pro audio PC builders W7 is the superior
OS for audio.

Which is the reason I use it, I have a very large array of 3rd party FX plugins and VI’s plus
32 bit Powercore plugins running on VST Bridge all working beautifully inside CP8 … care
Of W7. I think for the sake of information it is best not to generalise about something not confirmed
by SB.

My experience with CP8 says it is perfectly optimised for W7.

Win7 64 here, I have none of these problems.

Running fine here too. Win 7 ultimate SP1 64 bits. No issues (other than those already confirmed).

Don’t know. Windows 8 had a reputation of being a floating dog turd in the ASIO world 2 years ago. We were collectively told not to upgrade as Microsoft claimed that 100ms latency was perfectly fine. This might have been corrected in 8.1

I know. the latest is when I have a VST (in this case NI Guitar Rig) open as a VST, Most of the time I can not use the transport controls on the main window (i.e., start, play, record, rewind, etc. ) sometimes I can, but I can always use the same ones in the Transport window (F2).

I was speculating, not generalizing. When reporting bug problems, they always ask the OS, RAM, Processor, etc.

SB comes out with hundreds of fixes in its patch-sets/updates of things I have never encountered, but I’m sure others have or SB would never have been made aware of them to fix.

Since there are others having the same problems as I’ve reported then I believe its logical to assume that their are some issues with Cubase Pro 8 as their are always problems with large complex software applications.

It maybe due to these being existing projects ported from Cubase 7.5? Mine are. That doesn’t mean that’s the problem, its just another piece of information in the puzzle.

If its happening to two people, then its happening to more than two people.

It is interesting how its only some people and not others with the same OS.

all of the projects I’ve had problems with are ports from 7.5 or creations from “templates” saved in 7.5.

Don’t know if this is meaningful or not.