Cubase Pro 8.5.3 is now available

Just saw this on Facebook, surprised Steinberg hasn’t posted anything.

There’s also a trial version Cubase Pro 9 apparently.

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The meager number of issues fixed in the version history looks very disappointing. I hope this is just poor documentation. 8.5.3 is supposedly the last 8.5 update, and there’s still a lot of items in need of repair. Leaving 8.5 in this state with the intention of forcing us to buy v9 is a big mistake.

Seems the installer is still not fixed either. Even pointing to the 8.5 msi gives an error. Going to have to reinstall I guess.

EDIT: finally got it to install using repair from Programs menu (right clicking the app didn’t work).

Thankful to see they finally fixed the control room horizontal meter. Wasn’t a huge deal to be off but definitely made 8.5 seem incomplete.

8.5.3 is supposedly the last 8.5 update

no :open_mouth:
New video engine should follow, I hope

Hmm… I’ve read it won’t be ready until around a mid-late June release, in the next Nuendo update (v8.0). By which time they will be firmly headed for the next main Cubase (v9.x.x) update to incorporate it there. From that point, I just don’t think they will want to set any time aside to do some big ‘re-engineering’ of this functionality, into older product… I mean, you could be looking at next year before seeing this in the v8.5.x stream…

But hey, maybe I’m completely wrong… :mrgreen:

Hi guys,

I must admit I had no issues installing 8.5.3; I have 9 Pro but several of my favourite plug-ins are on the naughty list.

Incidentally, I downloaded and installed SX3.1 today, it really is handy for some of the legacy plug-Ins and VSTi’s :slight_smile:


George Wood

Hi George, Have you had a chance to run 8.5.3? If so, how does it perform?

Hi BaseCu,

To be honest I’ve not used it in anger yet, I did run Cubase just to make sure everything started OK with no errors, my default CPR loaded up with HS3 and Kontakt.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

George Wood

Okay, I’ll take the plunge…thanks.

Used it on projects all day today, ran fine.

Anyone know … if someone wants to roll back from 8.5.30 to 8.5.20 for some reason, would that be possible (and if so, how?).

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I think you just drag the app to the trash, but keep EvERYTHING else (prefs, sound banks etc), install from the full installer, but not the soundbanks etc, and then update to .20

Playhead lag worse in 8.5.3 now.
Move mouse over the inspector elements with just one loop playing. Horrible playhead lag!!!
Video taken with camera not screen capture
…so no other programs running.

Also so there’s no misunderstanding…this has nothing to do with the power of my computer. Logic X works perfectly fine with tons of audio and instruments loaded up. No gui issues at all.

I noticed quite a bit more crackling… audio issues… The project does have a bunch of stuff running. Then, during a ‘record’, it stopped, stating, “Audio dropout detected”. Never saw that before. One step forward, 2 back?

More than …?

More than the same project in 8.5.20?

No fix for the video engine error? Unbelievable.


this is happening to me too

for me when cubase is playing and i click on a different track it will crackle/skip audio very breifly

i dont really remember this happening in 8.5.2

With many reports of crackling in 8.5.30 that was not present in 8.5.20, I will probably not update.

So far I’m using 8.5 just for using Tempo Detection, broken in 9.0.10. When I do Elastique time stretching next, I"ll do that in 8.5.20 as well.

Don’t want to give up using 9.0.10 for now, I love the MixConsole history too much!

i have done some changing of settings and disabling asio guard has seem to stopped the crackles and skipping problems

maybe steinberg have changed asio guard for 8.5.3 because i always had it enabled in 8.5.2 without the issue