Cubase Pro 8 opens maximized/fullscreen

Just installed Pro 8. the first think I noticed is it opens “maximized” (ie, taking up the full screen), and there seems no way to change this (the “restore” option is greyed out).

I have a dual monitor set up, and am accustomed to expanding my Cubase window across the 2 screens. Am I no longer able to do this?

Make search here or actually take one minute and read the forum before you post? :bulb:
Or perhaps actually read the information at Steinberg or the manual. :bulb:
Maybe you should start watching some videos before you ask the obvious! :bulb:

well gee, thanks for the help.

take one minute and read the forum before you post?

I DID search the forum, spent at least 20 minutes searching and reading posts found NOTHING relevant to my question!

No I haven’t read the manual, I JUST installed it. (does everyone read the manual completely before they start asking questions?) But I did do a search in the manual: nope, doesn’t seem to be there either.

I can’t see that it’s obvious at all. It’s certainly NOT obvious that any of the videos you linked to will have the answer (though my guess is it may be addressed in the one about interface enhancements - I’ll check that out when I get a chance. Thanks.

Figured it out, I think. Apparently the main Cubase window cannot be resized at all or stretched across multiple screens (am I right?), but the project window is no longer confined within the Cubase frame - IT CAN be stretched or moved outside the primary screen.