Cubase Pro & Sierra


I’m considering moving up to Sierra from Yosemite as Cubase Pro 9.0.10 seems to be a tad unstable. I get regular crashes and GUI glitches and by all accounts CBP9 seems to be far more stable on Sierra. So i’m hoping someone here could confirm there’s an overall performance bump on Sierra vs Yosemite.

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I should see this thread before you jump

I have only used C9 with Sierra and C8.5 with El Capitan and Sierra. Sierra is utterly stable and very fast for me, and aside from Apple dumbing down their OS every release it works great with C9…EXCEPT for the GUI issue which is such an immense drag to workflow, so much that I’m back on PT for many new projects until things get better. :frowning: Since you already have GUI issues on Yosemite, I’m sure Sierra would be a safe update to make. I had no difference in GUI performance with Cubase from going from El Capitan to Sierra (it was poor on both ,on C8.5).

Can you repro the issue we’re all facing in the thread linked above where single-click or double-click does not work correctly? What sort of mouse are you using?

That issue made Cubase + Sierra too frustrating to use and I reverted to El Capitan.

Thanks heaps

I can’t, no – this problem does not occur for me. I’m using a Razer Naga Hex mouse.

Cool, thanks so much for testing it out for me. It’s driving many of us nuts here, hehe :slight_smile:

C9 working great here with Sierra.
No crashes here. I’m quite happy.

The GUI response could be better, but all in all it works very good.
Regarding the GUI response there is already a thread about this.
It’s not a showstopper at all, but can sometimes be quite nasty, especially if the projects get big…

I found that the mouse wheel function has changed for the worse in a few places. The volume slider that comes with each track is one example. Turning the wheel slowly causes almost no change. To get it to behave right, the wheel has to turn at a very constant rate because there is too much velocity (or is it acceleration?) sensitivity. Turn it a couple of clicks at a slightly faster rate causes a big change. I am using v9 but I went back and tested it on 8. It is the same in 8 now. I installed Sierra right before Cubase 9. I know it wasn’t like that in 8 before because I used to count the clicks of the wheel sometimes when I changed the volume.