Cubase render in place produces silent track

Been fighting with this for hours. I get silence when trying to render a soft synth track. Why would Cubase print a silent track ever? So, I select the track, select the midi data in the track, render in place, = a new audio track-silent. What could I be missing? Is it even possible to render in place? Anything helpful will be mucho appreciated!

I guess your settings lead to silence.
We need to see more of the situation you’re having.

Is that only with one specific soft synth? It’s generally possible that it is bug in the plugin, so I would quickly test another synth with the same MIDI data in the same project. If that works, it is most likely the plugin. If not, it’s something else :wink:

There is what I’d consider a bug with Render in Place if you are using Direct Routing. Rendering always produces a blank file unless your Direct Routing is in the first Slot. It doesn’t matter what destination is in the first Slot, just that it’s active. In the image below the circled Track is the only one that will Render actual audio and not a blank file.


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Really? Didn’t know that. Personally I would consider this a 2nd class bug, where 1st class is crashes, freezes, and invalid project files.

So I guess this will still be around for the next, what… 10 years?

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I’d agree with that.

Took me forever to figure it out after I switched to Direct Routing - some Tracks Rendered fine and others didn’t.

It’s always the same

  1. Do the first render
  2. Curse mildly when seeing it’s blank
  3. Ctrl+z
  4. Change the Direct Routing
  5. Continue rendering

Since posting here I think I’ve come up with a good workaround. Will post back after I test it.

And it works.

Thank you everyone for the help. Turns out, it seems that when the track is solo’ed, it produces silence, and when it is not solo’ed, it works. - Opposite of exporting audio, but ok.