Cubase Sales Promotion March 2024 & Partner Products free of charge for all Cubase 13 customers

Voilà, V12 upgraded.
In the name of the poorest (times are hard) : Thank you Steinberg!

But I have a question about this : “Hi @Eugene_Lukianenko, are you trying to purchase from Russia? Currently Russia is on the list of restricted countries of our online shop service provider.”. Why that?

Hi @DosWasBest,
did you get it for free? I only see a discount from 59 to 35 euros…
Thanx, Art

Yes, free.
I logged into my softube account, used the activation code within Softube Central, and then Wasted Space appeared on my list of registered products. I also clicked the activate button either on Softube Central or on my ilok and it activated…I did it all pretty fast so wasn’t thinking much…other to then start up Cubase and Nuendo to verify they both see it.

Thank you @DosWasBest, :pray:
I finally succeeded…
I had to download softube installer again has I hadn’t when I purchased my new MacBook…

Dumb is my middle name :slight_smile:
Thank You : just grabbed it :wink:

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Don’t blame yourself, I had to download it twice as I didn’t pay attention as well :joy:

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Two days ago I updated from Cubase Pro 12 to Pro 13.
In my ‘Steinberg Download Assistant’ the download access code was pasted into the provided window and I can therefore start/use the Pro 13 version now.
For the free extra ‘Partner Products’ it is stated that vouchers can be seen in the Steinberg Download Assistant > My Account - Voucher Section’.
In my Steinberg Download Assistant, I cannot see a ‘Voucher Section’ anywhere.
What am I doing wrong?

That’s not where vouchers are located. Close the download assistant. Navigate your computer to Steinberg dot net…sign into your mysteinberg area…and that’s where they are.


I upgraded to Cubase 13 through this discount offer and successfully downloaded all the third party plugins except for plug-in boutique. After registering and clicking on the link to access the plug-in, it simply wasn’t there. I wrote to plug-in boutique but haven’t received a response yet. Is there a problem with them? And given I couldn’t get the plug-in before the final date, is there anything you can do to help me get that plug-in? Thanks.

Thank you, ‘vouchers’ found thanks to your answer.

As Matthias_Quellmann stated before:

Be aware that upon creating the account there, that they have the obnoxious captcha thing when signing in, may not bother some but I hate captcha with a vengeance, always takes 2-4 tries or more to just sign in .

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It’s not you that’s their very bad UI who doesn’t let you clearly see what are you downloading, there is an icon dropped there and they expect ppl to notice it.
I had the same problem.


I tried that twice. The Steinberg code wasn’t accepted. I’m still waiting for an email response. I might try again in a while but the redemption window has closed.

If they don’t honor the deal, I hope Steinberg can help. Thanks!

I already have Cubase 10 elements and want to upgrade to Cubase 13 Artist. Am I looking at an upgrade or a new product?

Upgrade. When you click Buy Cubase it will ask which version you want. Then you get the screen showing which version you want to upgrade from:

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Thank you for your help. I will have to try it Monday.

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I just tried it again and received exactly the same rejection. All the other CB 13 offers were successful except this one. Anyone else have issues with Plug-in Boutique?

From your screenshot the coupon has expired. Personally I wouldn’t worry about it anyway, took me forever to finally get it and then the stupid captcha every time you sign in to your account.

Hm, I squint hard but I’m still not sure. It seems that in the picture of your cart to the right, there are some knobs(?) in a whitish(?) panel(?) right next to the blob. So, are you certain you have gone for Motion Harmonic Lite, or have you put the regular one in the cart? The coupon won’t work with that one I think.