Cubase Sales Promotion March 2024 & Partner Products free of charge for all Cubase 13 customers

Hm, I squint hard but I’m still not sure. It seems that in the picture of your cart to the right, there are some knobs(?) in a whitish(?) panel(?) right next to the blob. So, are you certain you have gone for Motion Harmonic Lite, or have you put the regular one in the cart? The coupon won’t work with that one I think.

For the sake of precision, anyway, it must be said that the “Celemony Melodyne 5 essential” product, if I’m not mistaken, was already included in last year’s promotion relating to Cubase 12.

So for those who bought Cubase 12 on that occasion the current promotion is a little less… powerful.

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I take it back, I now tried to open Melodyne Essential and it’s not activated, even though I was sure that it had been activated during the installation process. I can still re-use the ‘voucher code’ which is recognised as a serial number by Celemony but it’s not associated with any of my emails, nor are there any other emails to be found from when I redeemed initially. Seems to be a total dead end. I’ve written to their customer support with the voucher code to see if they can sort it out…

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I’m a little busy to check this right now, but I seem to recall getting my actual serial number from my Celemony account page to activate Melodyne, not the voucher code. You might want to check that out, and see if I’m remembering that correctly, because it does seem right to me.

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I’m totally baffled, because I clearly remember thinking that it worked. Either I created an account, or I didn’t, but either way I’m now locked out. I’ve checked every email I have, spam folders, trash folders etc… just to be sure but I don’t have any record of a confirmation etc… hopefully their customer support can sort it out… My logic was say, if I didn’t create an account, then the process didn’t complete, therefore I can do it again, but I can’t because the voucher has already been redeemed… the other way I did complete, so there should have been a confirmation email which I’d have to click on to prove the email was valid. My guess is that I entered my details… it went through, but somehow the account wasn’t created and I never got the confirmation email. I’ve found searching today that some other people had a similar problem when it was bundled with Pro tools… let’s see.

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The same “expired” message occurred while the redemption offer was in force. I also attempted other verification methods unsuccessfully.

Yes, I made certain the choice was correct and examined the screen for obscure buttons and links.

I believe you’re correct. Registration and SN process was smooth with Celemony. My only complaint against Melodyne Starter itself is the lack of a dark mode and its primitive UI. Variaudio is much more useful.

Hi all, make shure you get to the redeem process in 1 flow. I made a mistake by typing email adress (hit p instead of o :frowning: ) for polymax activation…and didn’t receive activation caused by that. So redeem code is already used…but not activated on any computer. Can’t see any place to correct, probably because of bounce back email beacause the wrong email doesn’t exsist.
So type carefully.

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30% nice…however I already have Guitar Rig 7 LE and PolyMAX Synth…
Is there alternate offer if I decide to make a purchase?
Also if I purchase the Absolute 6 suite can I avail of 30%?

Hi mates!

The Splice code is only for new users?

I had a similar problem when updating ME5 (from within the application) to the latest version.
I received this answer from Celemony:

Maybe your Windows user account is not entitled to allow Melodyne to save the new license file on your device. Please launch the .exe file of Melodyne with the “Run as administrator” option and then click on “Yes” if Windows asks you if you want to allow changes on your system.

This hint solved the issue for me. I hope it can prove useful for you as well.

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Hi , @Matthias_Quellmann
I am currently demo-ing CB13 but feel uncertain about going ahead and registering and using CB13. I have purchased a CB 13 license, but as I say I may not decide to go ahead with the registration.
My reasons for not wanting to procede are varied and discussion here would be a distraction.

Can someone advise can I get a refund if I decide not to register, or if I hold off until after the April 28, 2024 will I lose access to the nine partner products?

On the other hand if I hold on to the license until CB14 is about to be released could I use the registration within the now accepted good practice of offering a grace period be used ?

Best regards for any advice available.

On the advert sale page FAQ it says both C13 and the partner products have to be activated by 4/28 to get the free partner products. If you don’t activate C13 by the time C14 comes out, you won’t get the partner products but will get C14 for no additional cost. Unless they change their policy that has been in place since I can remember.
I’m debating the same thing. I am doing a trial of C13. I will buy during the sale and probably wait until C14 to activate. The partner products and C13.03 at this maintenance update aren’t tempting me.

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Yes, that’s the way I feel about it at the moment…

However I am hoping that I can get some sort of response from the managent/sales department that Cubase will honour the license if I decide not to register at this point in time!

It’s with good grace I paid for the license and would hope Steinberg would reciprocate that good will, otherwise I would hope to seek a refund!

Anyway, thank you for responding I now know I am not alone.

Take care and best regards.

Curious about Competitive Crossgrade.

I know there’s a good discount on this as well now but after watching this Youtube video from Joshua Butler who is switching from Studio One to Cubase 13, they mention in the comments of the video that you can get 2 different discounts “It was seriously the discount plus the crossgrade that completely pushed me to purchase it.”.
Curious how to get it!? Then I’m gonna go for it! :slight_smile:

from this video " Leaving Studio One For Cubase Pro 13" with Joshua Butler

I have the Cubase 13 pro trial installed right now

Best Regards :slight_smile:

Hi @sintil8, it’s as described. You will only get access to the partner products when your Cubase 13 license is registered until April 28, 2024.

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Hi @Matthias_Quellmann ,

thank you for taking time to respond.

Whilst the partner or other vendor products may be interesting, at this moment I am still in Demo mode and have some issues about how the layout and functions have been reorganised within CB 13 . It’s all a bit of swings and roundabouts gaining in places and missing in others.

Again thank you for your advice.

Take care and kindest regards.

Hi @Yoda, it’s straight forward. If you already own a DAW you can apply for the competitive cross grade, which is basically a Cubase full version at a reduced price. Currently we are running a promotion and you will get an additional 30% rebate on the cross grade offer plus the selection of partner products if you activate it until April 28, 2024. It’s a pretty good deal.


Maybe one of the reasons behind those free “partner products”, available for free only if registered before the end of the current sale (not too near, however, because also the activation of those products has to be done and it may require a few days), lays precisely in… suggesting not to wait for C14 before activating C13…

Moreover, I think that C14 is very likely to keep and refine the main various changes in how the layout and functions have been reorganised within C13. So, if the problem lies in those, maybe waiting for C14 could prove unsatisfactory.

As to the money savings, surely we could repeat the activation delay every year, thus saving money each time, despite always being updated with a one year delay. It is obviously a legitimate choice, as much the one (slightly less… delayed) of who always waits for the spring-summer promotion before updating.
However, I don’t know which of the two can actually prove more advantageous, all things considered.

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