CUbase scaning mediabay everytime

Everytime when I run a cubase mediabay start scaning a VST preset folders in both global and user locations…

How I can stop this? I uncheck this folder in mediabay-nothing help… It check it again after cubase restart
I try to set permission RWX with batchmod to vst folders…to mediabeylbs
nothing help

Mac os el capitan
cubase 9.0.20

I found Media Bay became much more usable once i selected “Use current selection as base location” in the Media Bay settings (settings button located in the bottom left of the Media Bay window).

it doesn’t help. When I restart a cubase it starting scaning again…
Until it finish I can’t load any sample

You can’t stop it. So far there is no explanation other than “it’s by design” that came from a moderator. Another moderator however doesn’t understand why they would do this either.

Unchecking boxes in the user locations should be left unchecked.

It’s a horrible change IMO and effects the way I open and classify presets too.
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They do know about this. But no response which makes me wonder if this is somehow a long work in progress to something better?