8.5 mediabay still re-scanning my user content at startup!

I was hoping that in 8.5 I might have seen the back of this but no. I am not the only user to experience this either.

Mediabay re-scans every folder under user content at every start up of Cubase, it fails to recall the scan and has to do it again every time. And with the inclusion of the new scanning notice in mediabay in V8.5 it is even more annoying because I just have to sit there and wait for it to complete the scan before you can even use mediabay.

I have tried everything to try and solve this without any luck and Cubase 6 does not do this!!.

Sigh, sending another support ticket



Because I could imagine, you already answered many common questions, I have (another) one. :slight_smile: Do you have write permissions for those folders? If I’m right, MediaBay writes its own (hidden) file to the scanned folder, as a result of scanning. So, the question is, if the file is available, if Cubase is allowed to write to the folder.

Hi Martin

Running as admin and all folder have correct security permissions and can be written to fine, honestly, this has me stumped. Tried earlier making a temporary new admin user account to see if it would do it there…same behaviour there too unfortunately.

this is nuts, just tried again with Cubase 6.07(I already know it works but wanted to remind myself) and mediabay behaves as it should do. It does not need to re-scan and all the default user folders and contents are there every start up.Why the heck is Cubase 7 and 8 not able to retain its scanned user folders in Mediabay?, I am out of patience with this.

I would not be that bothered but as track presets are there as part of the mediabay database I have to wait for the mediabay to repopulate them before I can get access to the track presets!

Now totally convinced this has been an unresolved bug in mediabay since version 7, no other explanation I can see anymore.

Shame really, also, the multi track toggle timebase (over 4 years waiting) and many other little improvements are pretty good.But…why so long Steinberg with certain features and fixes?

Could someone who is running windows please check the following to see if this behaviour is present on your system. Preferably you will have a lot of track presets and presets in the user VST3 folder in documents.

Make the following settings for media bay and then re-start Cubase 8/8.5. Upon re-starting go straight to the mediabay and see if the User folders are being re-scanned at each start (red blue change etc).

Follow settings in the attachment image

Tested on Windows 7 x64 on my main system and a windows 10 x64 slave system, same issue every single time.

So what is Cubase 6 mediabay doing differently to work correctly Steinberg? Could be some time before I get official personal support response.

Many Thanks if you can help out with looking into this.

oh, and who made the ridiculous idea of implementing a splash screen over the results window while media bay is scanning? This makes the problem even worse than in V7 and 8!

At least my large templates seem to be re-enabling disabled tracks correctly now with their settings. (many users know what I am talking about here)----update, nope still not fixed!!!
Massive sigh!

First of many BUMPS until this gets sorted.(amongst other issues)

Notably Cubase 7 introduced the ‘mediaservice.dll’ in components which Cubase 6 did not have. Disabling ‘mediaservice.dll’ will not allow Mediabay to run. Maybe ‘mediaservice.dll’ could be part of the problem.

It is irrelevant if you do not actually desire to use mediabay. This is because Track presets/VST presets etc rely on successful database building using the mediabay. This makes the issue a very big deal!

If you do not have this issue please do not add to this post. Thanks



+1 Im having trouble with rescans on mac OS X 10.10.5 it’s driving me mad!


I had that problem, but was simply resolved by deleting the database that the upgrade had migrated from the previous version, probably a permissions thing, and letting Cubase reindex it.

Thanks, but been down this road, happens on virgin preferances, completely rebuilt (with new mediabay.db) with no migration from earlier builds. It’s screwed up on all systems I have. All admin, and permissions O.K.

I have already mentioned here that on exact same systems Cubase 6 does not do this and works correctly, It is a V7-8 issue.

Same problem. Mediabay appears to be broken or I’ve not found the solution, what has changed?

Getting the same as ckon

Not working, tried refresh disk, quick rescan (which was fine in 8.0.3).

Any tips, solutions, fix…this is a key work feature for me.

As far as I can see there are zero workarounds apart from completely removing the USER contents /VST3/Track presets etc (which obviously is not a workaround or a solution!). Even if the contents are removed those locations are still re-scanned but the scan will happen almost instantly as there will be nothing to scan.
scans every launch.png

I’ve managed to get a solution to my issue. All working as it should be.


Not the same issue as what I have outlined here, this is not the same thing.

All the best

Apologies, used your jpeg for illustration with mine. Hope you resolve your workflow.


Same here. Rebuilding the index and also with a complete fresh set of prefs didn’t change anything. Hopefully they will fix it.

Still not fixed in 8.0.35

I honestly have lost hope for the team fixing this, it is such an old issue and has been part of the ‘solved issues’ list for so long now, it is difficult to trust that it will be addressed.

Some confirmation would be really helpful, especially as the tailback for private support requests is obviously extremely long.