Cubase SL3 and Windows 7

I’ve been using Cubase SL3 on Windows XP and have now changed computer to use Windows 7. I had to lose my old sound card (M-Audio Quattro) because there are no Win7 drivers from something that old. I’ve replaced it with a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB.

I can’t get my Cubase SL3 (from 2004) to install on the new PC: it tells me that there is some other process going on that prevents installation, though I have no other applications in use. Is it possible for a non-teckie to get this version of Cubase working, or do I have to fork out for a more modern version? If the latter, what is the most economical way of upgrading to something which (a) will run on this set-up, (b) will recognise and play my old SL3 files, and © has recording/editing facilities at least as good as the SL3?

Advice appreciated!

Been covered here and elsewhere, can be done.

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Why not download a trial of Elements?


I got Cubase SE 3 to work on Win7 x64 by updating the protection/dongle software, elicenser. After that Cubase installed and worked on win7. BUT: HALion Player STOPPED working, see my other post here:

I installed a trial of Cubase Elements 6 and put the license into my dongle and… Cubase SE 3 stopped working. I had to remove Cubase Elements 6 to get it to work again.
See my topic:

Perhaps that’s a reason? Compatibility, anyone?

Thanks to those who’ve offered advice. (Sorry, ‘Guest’ and Paul Bryce - I don’t understand your postings…). i couldn’t get my SL3 working so I’ve bitten the bullet and lashed out on an upgrade to Cubase 6.5.

Hey Baz, I’m in the same boat, looking to upgrade from SL3 to Artist 6.5. Did you have to pay full price? I only see upgrade options from Cubase 4-5-6 to 6.5. Although I do see an attractive $99 upgrade path from SE3 but I never even heard of that one before.

I’ve looked at some of the others (Studio One, Reaper, FL Studio) but Cubase keeps rising to the top. I love the VST and VSTi extras. I hate all the windows but am used to them. I wish Cubase had a clean docked interface like Studio One.

By the way, I had no problem installing SL3 on my new Windows7 computer. But having tried the Cubase 6.5 Trial version, I am hooked on the new features and VST instruments.