Cubase Software eLicenser trouble

Hello, the question is next: I have Cubase 10 Pro, which was activated back in 2019. A few years ago, I lost the software eLicenser for it, and now I only have the USB eLicenser. I understand that I can’t retrieve the software key through the USB, but maybe I can upgrade Cubase to version 13, and it will allow me to recover the software eLicenser? If it dont is it worth upgrading Cubase this way and hoping that the USB doesn’t fail (since it has been working without interruptions for 4 years)?
P.S. It is very annoying that you cant submit a ticket to Steinberg support directly. It always redirect you on “My Support” page, that leads to dead distributors in my country, dead end.

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Cubase 10 Pro license sits on the USB-eLicenser. So you don’t need the Soft-eLicenser at all.

Im afraid that someday the fleshdrive itself will die and i will loose my license. Including this and the fact that i didnt have software license backup, should i upgrade to Cubase 13?

Some users oftern opt to upgrade from say 12 to 13 because the price is really good. £85. To upgrade from 6+ to 13 would cost you £171. So as you see the price is a leap up.

You’ll never loose your license per-say… You have the mysteinberg online access to your account which always has a copy of the license stored.

One of many benefits of updating to C13 is the dongle is no longer required to activate and use cubase.

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The problem is that i dont have software copy of eLicenser at mysteinberg account and i lost my cubase activation key to redeem it. One day it just dissapeared and Cubase started to show me the message that i dont have it and it will use USB dongle to start. In steinberg eLicense control center i have USB eLicense info and codes but there is no software one, so if you say that v13 doesnt use dongle, than i guess i will not able to start it.

Cubase 10 Pro has NEVER used the Soft-eLicenser! If you don’t have a Soft-eLicenser showing in your eLCC app, you should be able to create one by folloeing these steps …

Soft-eLicenser (virtual license container) is missing – Steinberg Support

However, unless you actually have software that uses the Soft-eLicenser it is completely irrelevant.

So …

You have Cubase Pro 10 on a USB-eLicenser which is “seen” by the eLCC?

What exactly is the problem, then?

Not exactly. Your USB-eLicenser Cubase license will be converted to a Seinberg Licensing license for Cubase Pro 13. This will use the Steinberg Activation Manager instead of the eLicenser Control Center and allow you to run 13 (or 12) without a dongle. If you plug in your USB-eLicenser you can run 11 or earlier Cubase versions.

Information on Steinberg Licensing – Steinberg Support

I bought an update. You was right, there is no longer need in usb now. Everything works fine. Thanks all for helping

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