Cubase start up - 'Initializing: Menus' takes 1:20 (One Minute, Twenty Seconds) to load

What is causing this? Is it an xml file that has corrupt data in it?

I’ve had that happen some time ago with the Control Room xml where I had a crash and a bunch of random corrupt data was dumped into the XML causing it to become 500mb in size and thus caused a intolerable start up time.

Does anyone know which xml or file ‘Initializing: Menus’ is looking at?

And or, what ‘menus’ are being scanned? CC Lane Preset menus? Groove Quantize Preset Menus? QC Preset Menus? PLE Menus? Mediabay Favorites or Attributes? Workspaces Menu? Previous/Recent Projects Menu?

I’m looking at the AppData directory

in the root, the biggest files are
Mediabay3.db - 209mb
Defaults.xml - 2.36mb
RAMPresets.xml - 800kb


Starting in safe-start mode w/ preferences disabled and or plugins disabled makes no difference.

You could try

Log the file access and evaluate what happens when starting Cubase.
Prepare for a lot of scrolling and filtering, but it can be a very helpful tool.

In C11 I get this happening, only sometimes, but at Initializing: Studio Manager stage.

EACH time this happens, it will be followed by this issue: Media Bay dog slow to open / graphics issue - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I’m evaluating Nuendo 11 now and the same happens with it as well.

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@Matthias_Quellmann Do you know who knows about this loading process and what ‘Initializing: Menus’ is reading?

Try to delete the “Mediabay3.db” file (Make safety copy)
Start Cubase.

Worked for me in the past.


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Yea… I was looking at that 200mb file size and though that could be it.

What will I be losing though? I have a lot of customization going on in my MediaBay, custom attributes, column views differentiated per folder, favorites, etc, etc.

Okay I’ve figured out that it’s the amount of Project Logical Editor presets and the folder->menu system I’d developed to organize them all. And it’s possibly some of the other menus contributing as well such as Auto LFO presets and StepDesigber presets, but mostly my PLEs… if I delete the PLEs folder, ‘Intializing: Menus’ barely even shows up in the load.

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Good to know,thank you for the information.

I also have the Initializing: Studio Manager issue (on both desktop and laptop) . Instead, if a start Cubase as administrator everything is back to normal…

This is a big problem for me as I have over 5000 PLE settings to run my touchscreen controls. The only way I can find to avoid it is to take the PLE folder out of the structure while I start Cubase and then move it back in when up and running.
Difficulty with this is that you can’t then open or run PLE efficiently as it takes ages (10+ minutes) to make a change.
But interestingly, if I hit the midi command from my touch screen that fires the PLE preset - it loads instantly…