Cubase still hides behind other programs after I close some dialogs

Am I the only one with this issue? Take some random dialog like what I just used which is the key command dialog. When I’m done with it I hit OK and BOOM … Cubase is gone! :scream: No, wait, it’s still there but it’s behind the next program in the stack of windows programs or something like that so I can bring it to front by [Alt][Tab]-ing. Sometimes it takes a good while for me to have the need for any of those dialogs so I kind of forget and then it’s :scream: all over again. Sometimes it’s a total disappearance tsunami ruining the user experience.

It’s been like this for the last few versions which means a few YEARS. Towards the end of a version cycle I’m kind of used to it or numb to it is probably a better phrasing. So now I start to get annoyed with it again in C11 when I realize it’s not been fixed. Is this very hard to fix or something? And, yeah, am I the only one? Can we have this silly behavior removed, PLEASE?

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