Cubase Studio Weeks - Sale

Hi all,

Yes, it’s that time of the year again.

For the next 4 weeks all updates and upgrades are on sale.

There is also the “Buy Artist, Get Pro” deal again and a rebate on the competitive crossgrade.

Here is the link to the promotion:

There will also be some new videos and other content during the whole month of July:

We have tried to answer all questions on the sale in advance. Please have look at the FAQ:


Great, thanks :ok_hand:

I have a question. I have a usb key on which Cubase 5, it was bought from hands about 10 years ago without transfer to my account, I gave it to my wife (I myself have 11 Pro for a long time on another key). Will she be able to create an account and update this key to 11 Pro? Will it work? If something doesn’t work, will it be possible to get a refund for the purchase?

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When you have the license still on the that dongle you will be able to update that license of course. And it’s quite a good deal right now from 5 to Pro 11.

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I am worried that the key is not unbound from the previous owner and that it will definitely work. Although it seems to be …

Have your tried to register it to your MySteinberg account?

Not. Can’t the key be blocked if something goes wrong? I don’t know if this key was attached to the account or not, they just sold it to me and said - use it

Hi Matthias
Does the “Buy Artist, Get Pro” offer still work if you upgrade from Elements to Artist, there’s not usually much cost difference in buying Artist or upgrading from Elements to Artist
I’d be delighted if this was the case as I’ve already invested in Elements

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No, only full versions are eligible for the “Buy Artist, Get Pro” deal. But the upgrade from Elements to Pro is also reduced by 40%.

Hi Matthias -

Is the “Buy Artist, Get Pro” deal valid if you buy an educational copy of Artist?

Thank you.

No, educational versions are not included in our Cubase Studio Weeks promotion.

I upgraded to Cubase Pro 11 from Cubase 4 on June 22 for $240 Can, now it’s on sale for $ 144.
Is there anything that can be done to rectify this ?

After reading the Faq, it looks like I’m out of luck. Not too impressed being as there was no notice about upcoming sales when I purchased C11 :frowning:

Think about a sale period when you release a new version! Many plugin manufactures are doing it.

Just seeing that the cheapes way to get Cubase 11 Pro will be to upgrade from Cubase Ai for 149 EURO to Artist and Artist will be promoted to Pro if purchased/activated prior to 1st of August.
Just wondering if this really applies also for an Artist version which was previously upgraded and not purchased as a full license?

Ok, found the answer in the FAQs and an updated license is not eligible for the Cubase Pro offer. Pitty!

Steinberg have been having these offers to new users for a while now to upgrade from Artist to Studio but I have been a loyal user for some years of Artist and am effectively being penalised for not letting my upgrades lapse. Isn’t it about time you offered some sort of deal for long term Artist users to upgrade to Pro.

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Hi, i have enter my artist version code from my local music shop in past one hours
It seem no any cubase pro license gernerated. …

Which kind of Artist license did you purchase? Be cautious with upgrade licenses from older versions. These are not eligible for the free Cubase Pro upgrade.

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The upgrade from Artist to Pro is also available for 40% off.

Of course I purchase artist 11, the seller told me that offer then I bought that version

Actually I wasn’t doubting the version itself but the tiny detail if it is an update from a previous version you may own. But never mind, if it is the full Artist 11 version then Steinberg should be able to sort it for you. Good luck!