Cubase suddenly doesn't see my UR22

I’ve been using my UR22 together with Cubase (now updated to Cubase Pro 12) for years without a problem. Suddenly today, upon loading a project, the “unmapped port” window appeared. Trying to re-map the ports is not possible because UR22 is not available anymore as an option (Missing: UR22 Input1/2), which I had mapped to Stereo In Left/Right.
I started Cubase in safe mode and disabled all program preferences. This fixed the issue. But, of course, on the next normal start the problem was back again.
Does anybody have an idea how to locate the offending preference setting? I’m not aware of having changed any.
Thanks for any leads! :slight_smile:

BTW, I posted that query 8 days ago as a support ticket and haven’t received a reply. Is this normal?


very tricky to track down - there are multiple preference files so you can try putting them back one by one and see what happens

the whole preference system is a bit of a mess (understatement) - and really needs an overhaul IMO

I was afraid of that. The safe mode dialog does give me the option to delete all preferences. Does that throw me back lightyears? I wonder what exactly is stored in these files…

did you visit the link I posted ?
did you look at the various .xml files ?

Thanks for posting the link to the location of the various preferences files. However, they don’t seem to be current information, because the one I was particularly interested in (Device maps) isn’t where it purports to be. It says it’s located in the sub-folder “\Device maps” to the folder where Cubase is installed to. There is no such folder in the Cubase12.exe directory.

I fixed the problem with the help of Steinberg support.

The solution was simply to re-install the UR22 driver. The observation that disabling program preferences solved the problem temporarily seemed to have been a red herring. Also a red herring was that the driver was accessible by Windows.

So all’s well just in time before Christmas.

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The correct answer to that question is “No”. the info @Dr.Strangelove posted is incorrect. There is no need, or point, to exploring the various xml files, whose purpose might not even be documented to end users.

When preferences are disabled in the safe mode dialog, the Defaults.xml file is hidden from the sequencer, and it is done by the program itself by simply renaming the file.

This does not touch key commands or presets, for example.

  • Advanced users can test to see what has changed by making a copy of the folder %AppData%\Steinberg\Cubase 12_64 before disabling in safe mode, and comparing the files listed in the copy and the the one ‘live’ perfs folder.

If the issue can then not be reproduced, you would start Cubase a second time in safe mode, and this time selecting the delete preferences option.

Deleting would have fixed, disabling is for testing the outcome.

The point of the exercise is to discover if ‘corrupt’ preferences is at fault. So, in this situation, the next step would have been to use the delete option. I can’t tell whether you did so from your posts – though it looks like you didn’t – but had you, you would have fixed the problem, possibly permanently, and in a much shorter period of time.

Reinstalling the driver forced a refresh of certain files, but that did not actually reveal the cause of the issue, which remains unknown. This might or might not matter – only time will tell.