Cubase Tuner Useless on BASS Video!

What can I do to get the Tuner to work properly??
Here’s a video of the Cubase tuner not able to tune my BASSes low B, E, A and D, somewhat able to tune the D and no problem w the G.

Harmonics work a “little” better but still not usable on ALL the strings!

As you can see in the screen capture video, I’m using a plug in for now but I’d like to use the Cubase larger tuner display to be able to adjust intonation on my guitars and basses.

Is there any way to make the Cubase tuner less sensitive?

I’ve had better luck than you have with this. I also prefer tuning to the harmonics, and that might be good enough for adjusting intonation.

I don’t know where the tuner is in your signal chain. One day I woke up to the fact that it should be first – which is pretty obvious, I guess I wasn’t thinking. That said, you may want to put the tuner after an EQ with a bass roll-off filter, in case the tuner is picking up some noise or resonances below the lowest pitch (B). I guess you could reduce the sensitivity of the tuner by cutting the input level.

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I see you are using a ur44, a mistake i made was NOT turning off Direct Monitoring (it should be off) when using inserts on the channel with live monitoring, I use a UR824 but im pretty certain the same applies, its an irritation but there is no way round it.

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I also find cubase tuner useless for bass… I normally use a boss pedal, but if I don’t have it to hand I use bx_tuner by brainworx as a vst which handles bass just fine.

Would be nice for cubase to address this…

+1 to the fact that the Steinberg tuner doesn’t work on Bass properly. Using a guitar on the same input I have no issues.

As the OP says you can get alternatives to do the job so it’s just that the Steinberg one isn’t up to it. A shame.

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+1 On the useless bass tuning. This should be a fundamental tool that works perfectly, or at least tune a bass.

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have added as a feature request if you +1 it there it may help… i dunno!

Dave, Thanks for the suggestion. Where is the direct monitoring? Is it in the hardware settings?

Where is the direct monitoring? Is it in the hardware settings?

On the older Steinberg interfaces there was a rotary knob so you could mix the amount of direct monitoring with the computer output but I’m not sure how this is accomplished with the UR44.

Either way, the Steinberg tuner works OK on guitars but very hit and miss on bass so it’s not the direct monitoring that’s the issue here.

I find if you muting the the strings not being tuned helps a bit. Might work for some folk. Still a crap tuner though.

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Yes direct monitoring is in device setup, , , cant remember exactly where but is easy to find

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Also, I suppose playing octave harmonics will help the tuner hear the notes.

It’s not like any of the older incarnations of the tuner where any better at bass.
There are actually very few that are good, both software and hardware tuners when it comes to bass.
I use the TC PolyTune as an app, it has an bass mode.

+1 it’s not good but i found using active bass it works about as good as guitar.


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