Cubase und Cubase Artist 7.0.3 Update am 27.03.2013

Liebe Cubase Anwender,

am 27.03.2013 veröffentlichen wir das 7.0.3 Wartungsupdate für Cubase 7 und Cubase Artist 7. Es ist voll supported, behebt fast 70 Probleme und bietet insgesamt 20 Verbesserungen in verschiedenen Bereichen.

Detaillierte Informationen über alle Änderungen enthält der englischsprachige thread.

Beste Grüße aus Hamburg,

Helge Vogt
Product Marketing Manager Cubase
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH


Jetzt ist C7 endlich für mich nutzbar, der MCU Bug ist behoben…


We are happy to announce the upcoming 7.0.3 maintenance update for Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7!



  • • The Functions menu in the MixConsole now offers an entry to toggle “Constrain Delay Compensation” on/off
    • The Channel Configuration in the Channel Edit window is now readable in the window title bar.
    • Channels locked to the left or right zone are now separated with a small gap between the un-locked channels.
    • The scrolling behavior for multiple linked MixConsoles has been improved.
    • It is now possible again to set “Sync Selection in Project Window and MIxConsole” in the Preferences under Project & MixConsole.
    • For each MixConsole window it is now possible to toggle “Scroll to selected Channel” individually from the Functions menu.
    • The visual indication of “Bypass” and “Disabled” has been improved for Channel Strip modules and the Equalizer.
    • The visual indication of “PRE” or “POST” of MixConsole Sends has been improved.
    • Underneath the name label of each channel the channel width will be displayed (if MixConsole contains channels with different channel widths).

Steinberg Hub

  • Entries clicked in the left field of the Steinberg Hub will be opened with the default browser as currently specified on the user’s system.

Score Editor

  • When selecting a symbol in the symbol inspector the layer is automatically changed to an appropriate layer and the user is informed about this.

Plug-in Information Window

  • The “Update Plug-in Information” function can be cancelled now.

Default colors for track types

  • It is now possible to define default colors for various track types in the Preferences (Appearance: Colors).


  • In the Save Preset window the last used location to save a preset is now remembered.

EuCon Adapter improvements

  • • The EuCon Adapter has been updated to version
    • On EuCon the MixConsole Racks now open automatically when corresponding sections are chosen on the surface.
    • On EuCon the Lo / Hi Cut filters of MixConsole are accessible via the “INPUT” knobset.
    • On EuCon the Channel EQ of MixConsole and its parameters are now accessible via the Channel Strip modules / knobset.
    • On EuCon all relevant Appsets have been updated to enable the operation of Mixer Agents.

VST Connect SE

  • The VST Connect SE documentation has been overhauled, updated and localized into six languages.

Issues resolved:*


  • • Audio Statistic and Spectrum windows now work properly in always-on-top mode.
    • The metronome click no longer goes out of sync when changing the tempo on the fly in cycle mode.
    • Entering text into Notepad now works as expected.
    • Using the “Divide track list” function no longer renders the application unreliable.
    • Track Coloring scheme now works as expected when the track gets created automatically for example by dragging audio onto it.
    • Auto Track Coloring now works properly when adding a track.
    • Backup project now also works properly when the Project has missing files.


  • • Enabling Constrain Delay Compensation no longer bypasses every insert effect after saving/reloading the Project.
    • If ASIO-Guard is enabled, inserting a plug-in no longer leads to out of sync audio playback.
    • Application now accepts AIFF files larger than 2 GB.
    • The drawn waveform in the Sample Editor is no longer out of sync with the audio sample data.
    • The Elastique Algorithm setting is now saved and restored properly with the Project.
    • Freezing a track, which contains audio events in MXF or FLAC formats, no longer leads to disk overloads.
    • Dissolve parts-function now works correctly on audio parts even if the part contains a crossfade that is outside the part.
    • Project audio files are now opened correctly even if the original file path has changed, e.g. when opened on a different computer. Backing up the project now also works correctly.
    • When tagging WAV files in the MediaBay all chunks are written correctly to the WAV file now.


  • • Solo in Key Editor now works properly when “Follow Chord Track” is enabled for the track.
    • Editing in the Key Editors controller lane with the pencil tool now works as expected.
    • When changing note-velocity or pitch in the Key Editor’s infoline, the acoustic feedback now works properly.
    • Switching between parts in the Key Editor no longer leads to any graphical refresh issues in the controller lanes.
    • Several issues with the MIDI Device Setup have been resolved.
    • The delete doubles command no longer fails under specific circumstances.
    • Adding a position line to Logical Editor no longer renders the application unresponsive.


  • • Opening a MIDI Part in the Score Editor no longer potentially renders the application unresponsive.
    • Removing pre-populated buttons in the Favorites Tab of the Score Editor no longer renders the application unreliable.
    • The signature display in Score Editor is now always in sync with the signature and tempo track and updates properly.
    • Importing block text from an RTF file is now working correctly.
    • Moving a Rehearsal symbol with the mouse is now visualized in real time.
    • Inserting Lyrics into the Score Editor no longer renders the application unresponsive.


  • • Scrolling in MixConsole via Cursor Keys no longer leads to redraw issues.
    • The Master Output channel will no longer disappear under certain circumstances.
    • MixConsole no longer opens with erratic size ranges.
    • MixConsole now restores the channel width correctly at all times.
    • The minimum zoom level of MixConsole no longer increases width instead of decreasing.
    • The size of the Channel Settings windows is now saved properly with the Project.
    • When using User Panels, the value cell in horizontal faders are no longer invisible.
    • The size of the rack view no longer increases each time MixConsole is closed and reopened.
    • The name of tracks and plug-ins are no longer hard truncated but sensibly shortened.
    • When MixConsole is in full-screen mode and always-on-top is enabled, the fader section no longer resizes incorrectly.
    • MixConsole no longer shows various redraw issues.
    • Changing the high shelf band to parametric filter no longer shows a Q of 0.0 when 1.0 is set.
    • The controls of the channel strip modules now correctly change values counterclockwise when using circular movement.
    • Setting the MIDI channel for quick-linked channels now works correctly.
    • When loading VMX channel state files, the Volume level is read correctly now.
    • Switching workspaces no longer deselects the current channel.
    • When loading a project the bypass states of inserted plug-ins are properly restored now.
    • Using a key command for “Move to pre-fader” option of the sends in MixConsole now works correctly.
    • Saving a VSTi output channel as a Track Preset and then adding a new audio track from this Preset no longer leads to unexpected results.
    • Scroll to selected channel now works properly when the mixer window is closed.
    • Saving a second MixConsole configuration and switching back to first configuration while Set up Window Layout is opened no longer renders the application unreliable.
    • Fine adjusting the panner movement by pressing Shift now works correctly.
    • The on/off button in the Pre section now works correctly.


  • • VST 3 plug-in parameter automation data is no longer reversed for specific plug-ins.
    • The gain setting of external effects now follows +12 dB fader setting properly.
    • An open REVerence plug-in window no longer renders the application unreliable.
    • The Pre / Post FX menu in VST Amp Rack now works properly.
    • Available plug-in presets are no longer missing for certain plug-ins (such as Compressor).
    • Selecting Presets for the MIDI Insert Quantize plug-in now works as expected.
    • The Chorder MIDI plug-in no longer transposes chords one octave down by accident.
    • The External FX plug-in now measures the I/O latency correctly.
    • The External FX connections are no longer lost when an output preset is selected in VST Connections.
    • The MonoToStereo plug-in no longer plays a small audio snippet from the start of the waveform regardless of the song position.
    • Inserting the VST Connect SE Cue Mix plug-in into Control Room Cue 1-4 no longer leads to an unresponsive state when closing the application.
    • Saving and restoring a GEQ-10 and GEQ-30 Preset that uses a different EQ-type other than True Response now works properly.


  • • VIDEO: Video Offset now works reliable. Please check the Video Offset (ms) value in Device Setup “Video Player” for Projects created in previously versions.
    • TRANSPORT: The “BAR” digit is no longer truncated for pre and post-roll when operating system is set to Japanese language.
    • REMOTE: Remote Controls no longer show channels which are hidden in MixConsole.
    • HARDWARE: UR & MR Series: When saving a REV-X / Channel Strip Preset, it will now show up properly in MediaBay.

_ Please note that this list applies to Cubase 7 and not every entry may apply to Cubase Artist 7._*

The 7.0.3 Update will be available from March 27, 2013 on as a free download.

na , das is ja mal ne ansage :nerd:

• REMOTE: Remote Controls no longer show channels which are hidden in MixConsole. :sunglasses:

muß ich die 7.02 erst noch installieren, oder kann ich es gleich über die 7.01 bügeln ??

gruß chris

Spätestens am 27.03.wirst du es wissen. Vorher wirst Dus wahrscheinlich sowieso nicht installieren…

bin mal gespannt :mrgreen:

Nach 3 Tagen und drei Nächten intensivster Arbeit mit C7 bin ich nur noch begeistert! :slight_smile:
Der neue Mischer macht die ganzen Fehler einfach wett, auch jetzt schon kann man mit der V7 Musik machen,
dabei gilt es nur ein paar kleine Hürden zu umschiffen, aber, man kommt ans Ziel!
Ich freue mich auf die Fehlerbereinigung.
Aber generell, alles gut! :stuck_out_tongue:

Der Tag der Updates!
Komplete U9 + C7.0.3

Ich liebe Updates. :o)

“Ich liebe den Geruch von Updates am Morgen!”

Man, man.
Wenn das 7.03er stabil und wie oben aufgelistet fehlerbereinigt ist,
ist das wohl die wirkliche Cubase 7 Version!

Bin gespannt…

Die Vorfreude ist schon geil!
Mittwoch und Donnerstag vor Ostern - Ferien - Wenn das nicht mal, unabhängig vom Wetter, ein geiles Ostern 2013 wird!?

Helge Vogt wrote:
Es ist voll supported, behebt fast 70 Probleme und bietet insgesamt 20 Verbesserungen in verschiedenen Bereichen.

Wow! Das ist ja wirklich eine Menge… :slight_smile:

Und das beim 3. update - eigentlich unglaublich, daß sowas verkauft wird…

Da Stimme ich dir zu! Schon allein die Installation der boxed Version ist eigentlich nicht zumutbar. Wie soll das jemand meistern, der nicht ganz so viel Ahnung hat oder noch ein Cubase Anfänger ist? Ich habe gestern einem Kumpel, der Grace Period berechtigt ist, Cubase 7 per DVD installiert - den Core-Installer hat es nicht automatisch herunter geladen und wir haben uns gefragt warum das Hauptprogramm nicht installiert war. Erst nach langem recherchieren haben wir eine Lösung gefunden. Sorry Steinberg, aber so etwas kann man doch nicht machen! Bitte macht so etwas nie wieder! 3 Monate später rausbringen hätte euch doch auch nicht pleite gemacht. Es scheint mir sogar, als ob die Boxen schon vor der Fertigstellung des Programms hergestellt wurden, schaut mal die Bilder auf der Rückseite der Verpackung an. Obwohl ich jetzt doch relativ enttäuscht bin hoffe ich auf das 7.03 Update, 70 beseitigte Bugs sagen schon einiges…

das wurde ja schon direkt nach dem update auf version 7 alles bemängelt. aber geäussert aus dem hause steinberg hat sich dazu leider niemand. für neukunden wahrlich nicht förderlich. aber man beschwert sich und rennt gegen wände. selbst der support stellt einen als nichtskönner dar und kann in wirklichkeit nicht helfen. als zahlender kunde fühlt man sich da schon ein wenig verschaukelt. sorry steinberg, aber kritik muss leider auch sein.


bei mir funzt das 7.0.2 Update nicht. Schmiert immer ab. Ein 7.0.1 lässt sich auch nicht mehr finden. Kann ich dann auf 7.0.3 direkt updaten?


kannst du, problemlos :wink:

LG Daniel

woher weißt du das ->> ist das denn auch amtlich :question:

gruß chris

Ging immer :slight_smile: bei jeder Version. Amtlich? Bin kein Beamter, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

7.0.3 für win ohne Gewähr :mrgreen: