Cubase updates slow to be released.

With so many outstanding bugs, why is Steinberg not releasing fixes more quickly. Literally months passes between updates with very little getting fixed compared with other DAWs. Are they so under staffed, or just trying to rinse more $$$s out of us for the paid upgrades?

I neither agree nor disagree, since I haven’t taken the time to survey daws and their updates frequency, nor have I figured out a way to fairly judge the question since different companies have different policies and practices…

What data resources are you using to calculate your conclusion?

Well let’s take Studio One as an example. Already 6 updates this year. Blistering speed of development. Cubase has become a cycle of paid upgrades with 2 or 3 bug patches/updates inbetween. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cubase, but development has all but slowed to a trickle.

2 paid upgrades per year? :question: I’m only paying once each year…usually a bit before Christmas.

As far as the updates, I suppose Steinberg could release twice as many updates as Studio One. But I thought it’s the content of the bug/patches/ fixes that matters?

What are the main bugs that you wish were fixed by now?

i’ve been following Steinberg for many years now, and the familiar cycle seems to be -

Initial release has bugs, which are picked up by the beta testers (early adopters).
The next few rounds of releases may fix some things, but in the meantime other bugs are discovered.
You really need to wait for a .40 or .50 release to get something useable in a professional setting.
For me, Cubase 8.0.40 was a good release.
I’m hoping 10.0.40 will be too.

To be fair their current release rate is better than it used to be - I remember the days when you had to wait YEARS for a release…

FWIW - talking ‘release rates’, Cubase hasn’t been too shabby… In 2017 we had 5 (6 if you include the final update to v8.5.xx); 2018 there was 7 (8 if you include the final update to v9.0.xx); this year we’ll have had 4 when 10.0.40 drops. Make that 5 if we expect our usual ‘Major Version Release’ in the Nov/Dec timeframe.

Which fares ok against Studio One; I count 5 releases so far this year - (which oddly doesn’t yet include v4.5.2). And, I’d say there’s every chance of another S1 update, by year’s end.

SB in addition deal with the upkeep of Nuendo, the Instruments/SoundSets, the SDK , etc…

Just as a point of reference, not saying anybody is fast or slow, but the last update with new features for Logic Pro was 10.4 in January of 2018. They’ve had 5 bug fix updates since then.

Its not how frequent or infrequent updates occur that really bothers me but the overall time it takes to fix some issues. History shows that some bugs/issues exist spanning many maintenance updates as well as sometimes major release cycles.

Sometimes it is baffling and occasionally maddening.

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