Cubase Vari Audio Freeze all track while editing, Mac M1 Max


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.


It happened finally, did it?
Thank you so much.

Hi Martin,

It’s been a while since you helped report this issue to Steinberg.
May I ask if any update? I still need to work with Rosetta 2.

Thank you.


As far as I can see, it’s in progress.

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Hello, I too am encountering this issue on m2 MacBook Pro on Mac OS 13.4

Well, friends, who will say the problem was solved at 13 or not?)


Sorry, unfortunately not.

I can confirm that this is still happening with Cubase 13.

When editing a vocal take with variaudio in Cubase 12 (and now 13) in Apple silicon native mode, in some cases, all audio tracks will suddenly stop outputting audio, VST instrument tracks will continue to output audio.
Cubase will then become unresponsive and a ‘force quit’ is needed, and the whole DAW just hangs while shutting down.

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I decided to update to Cubase 13.
A bit disappointed since I find no official notification about this issue. Variaudio is necessary to many users and many of us use M1, M2 Mac.
Hopefully to get it fixed in the next update.

on cubase 13 pro, Reporting that I am still seeing this issue, I have to work in rosetta for now, as native silicone is very unstable

I have been using Cubase in Rosetta 2 since my M1 Max came to my studio.
Still waiting for a fix, it’s been a long time.

Oh well I was hoping for a fix from the latest update 13.0.20
Nothing change.

Unfortunately, the fix didn’t make it into 13.0.20. It will be included in the next maintenance update, sorry.

Same for Nuendo. It overloads the disc cache, freezes sound and prevent from quitting Nuendo. Forcing me to force quit hundreds of times…

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will this fix apply to Cubase 12 too? I can’t use 13 - the GUI is awful.

Can confirm this is still an issue with M1 Max Studio in Native mode.
Working in Vari-Audio consistently causing crashing in C13 with force quit required.


It’s been a really long time since we found this issue. May I know when will we have another update?
Thank you.

The next maintenance update is not far away. It will contain the fix


Same situation on my Mac M1 Pro (Sonoma 14.3.1) with Nuenda 13. Variaudio freezes constantly?!

Does anyone confirm the 13.0.30 maintenance update fixes this issue? I’m not able to run Cubase with Rosetta. My only option is to upgrade from 12.0.50 to this version.