Cubase vs. Nuendo?? :o

Okay, so I’m sure there’s probably a thread on this topic somewhere, but I figured I’d ask the CUBASE people seeing as I’m a Cubase person myself and have been for almost a decade.

I’m seriously considering the switch from Cubase to Nuendo. It’s very possible that I’m going to soon be working alot more with video, and I already do alot of post production. Here are my questions:

  1. What are the MAJOR differences between Cubase and Nuendo?
  2. What does Cubase have that Nuendo doesn’t, and conversely,
  3. What does NUENDO have that Cubase doesn’t? Other than a more comprehensive video capability?
  4. Would it be wise to own BOTH? Or can Nuendo handle all the same work that Cubase can?
  5. Does Nuendo have the same capabilities with working with warping / hitpoints / multri-track editing that Cubase 6.5.3 currently has?

Thanks for any replies guys, any information is super helpful!

At the risk of appearing unhelpful… what is it you feel lacking in your Cubase life that prompts you to consider Nuendo? Or is this mainly wondering about the grass being greener.

There are important differences from my POV, but I think they would -mainly- matter to people doing -very- complex audio mixes… as you’d have in a movie.

Direct Routing comes to mind—which I would -love-, the automation write options are cooler and the connections to crazy expensive remote controllers are better I think. And it’s probably easier to manage a HUGE audio interface—like 128 inputs… which is about 104 more than I’ll ever have.

But frankly, I can’t think of any -music- you could make with Nuendo that you couldn’t make as easy with Cubase.

In fact, I stick with Cubase because it is traditionally -ahead- of Nuendo in terms of MIDI and various new features. It seems like SB ‘tests’ new features out on Cubase before foisting on the ‘pro’ Nuendo base. So why pay for a few high-end features I would rarely use (D/R excepted) when everything I’d use 9x% of the time is already there?



Yes, unless you’re dubbing big budget full length feature films then there’s no reason Cubase can’t do all you want.

I own both and rarely open Nuendo these days.


Hi metl4evr,

here are some Nuendo features which are NOT included in Cubase:

  • ADR-Taker-Tool
  • 64Bit support for Blackmagic and Decklink video cards
  • new codecs
  • AAF-exchange
  • nice Pro Tools compatibility
  • bounce-to-markerpoints
  • clip-packages/groups
  • enhanced automation system
  • automation flexible passes technology
  • direct stem routing/mixer
  • Wave Meters
  • Monitor Matrix
  • additional post plugins
  • PitchDriver, realtime pitch plugin
  • MXF audio support
  • enhanced EuCon support
  • EDL List im/export
  • enhanced scrubbing engine
  • complete network integration via LAN, WAN
  • export Note pad data
  • enhanced surround panner
  • surround matrix decoder/encoder
  • additional postpro IRs for REVerence
  • enhanced crossfade editor…

…and other great post things.

Hope that helps,

be very aware though that if you want all the cubase VI’s and midi stuff then you need to budget for the NEK as well. Nuendo by itself doesn’t even have the midi drum editor! and even as a cubase owner you’ll have to buy all the same stuff again.


NEK Expansion Kit for Nuendo:

  • Drum Editor
  • List Editor
  • Score Editor
  • VSTExpressions
  • full Music XML Import/Export support
  • Premium Instruments:
    Halion Sonic LE
    Groove Agent One
    Loop Mash 2
    Beat Designer
  • 1,5 GB VST Sound Collection

Price: :arrow_right: $300.00

and even as a cubase owner you’ll have to buy all the same stuff again.


NEK should have been free for Cubase users. Let’s hope that N6 will not continue the same NEK BS.

Nuendo development sucks and is slow. The last update was a joke:

The happiest day this year was when I finally sold it in favor of PTHD and Cubase. If you need the features, then get it. I have such a bad taste in my mouth from using Nuendo, so yeah, this is a bit negative.

Look up “Leap Frog” and “Leap Frogging” because this is what will be in store for you.

I can’t help myself. This may sound like schadenfreude but I’m actually kinda jealous of the Nuendo community for one reason: They get to bitch. And SB appears to respond… which I miss. It seems like this is a real part of what you get for your money with Nuendo.

I think Nuendo and Cubase are both now mature products. It seems like, at some point around C4, SB really buckled down on the QC. :smiley: C5.0 was relatively clean and so was C6.0… compared with SX and VST .0s. People grouse about features now rather than showstopper bugs.

I think of it like Toyota vs. Mercedes. Truth be told? No practical reason to own a Mercedes in the US v. a Toyota. Both equally reliable. Most of the features in the Merc? Never use 'em. Extra features? They cost a fortune. But when ya go to the dealer? They treat ya like yer SPECIAL. (Well they used to before every Tom, Dick n Harry started leasing 'em.)

My point is that the Nuendo forum is like the Merc dealership. There, SB at least puts on a show of interest. And customers -expect- to be able to grouse.

Back in the day (the Sparky forum), it was UGLY, but it was also a time when SB actually -interacted- with customers and that created the appearance of care. And even more important? There were a certain # of forum participants and grousers who pushed SB and I believe that made a positive difference.

Now, we have the worst of both worlds: SB devs are now 100% hidden and there is almost no tolerance for constructive grousing.

The only real schadenfreude I feel? It’s kinda pleasant to know the Nuendo crowd can get just as annoyed as me… and I saved $2,000. Woo hoo!


I wish just a taste of the righteous indignation over there was still present here. A little more pressure (just a little) might not get us all the things we want, but it might keep SB a bit more focused—and if there’s one thing SB has lacked over the years, it’s FOCUS.

Too many products with too many dead ends, instead of continuing to strengthen the 2-3 things they just -rule- at. Because the thing is: the stuff they are good at, is MUCH better than the competition. If they didn’t offer 100 side projects I think the PT crowd would realise how much -better- Cubase is as a product… and I think that would’ve encourage SB to do even better with it, instead of going off on all these goofy other deals.


Are you sure? There’s a Steinberg post about this from April:

Haven’t tried it in x64 yet, but I’m sure hoping it works.

I now noticed the info that NUENDO includes a direct WWISE Connection ability.
Well c’mon - thats something for Cubase 8 Pro as well. For game Composers a must have!

Here’s a PDF with the side by side differences between the preferences if it helps at all. I can’t get the waveforms like I like it in Cubase because those preferences aren’t there in Nuendo 7. Nuendo 7.0.20 with NEK (not sure if that changes preference options) is always on the left and Cubase Pro 8.0.20 is on the right. The differences have a green box around differences.

Updated Link:

@skillet, the PDF goes 404

Sorry about that I just corrected the link, thanks for letting me know.