Cubase waveform is printing weird

I have two different Cubase 12 project opened. When I record audio, the waveform shows or is printed different in both. One is bigger and the other is very small almost like it’s not there. Anyone knows why this might be happening?

This is coming from the same UAD neve preamp settings, Lewitt 520 mic and an empty stereoIn(no plugins - and set to 0) in mixing console. This issue doesn’t really affect my recording but I 'm so curious to know why it might be happening.

Waveform zoom level.

On the right, there are TWO vertical sliders. One for track zoom, one for waveform zoom.

waveform zoom

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Thanks Louis!

Thanks gents but I forgot to say, I am familiar with the waveform slider and I have always have it down. It’s not the issue.

You said it doesn’t affect your recording, but if the waveform is smaller at the same zoom level it’s because the level of the recording is lower.

Maybe you made some gain adjustment or used plugins, and you hear it at the same level that the bigger one.

The level is actually good as I always use that level. The chain is always clean aside the neve plugin I often use in my UAD

I have a link to a minute screen record below

Found a way to upload the screen shot video

Oh that’s weird indeed.
Can you try removing the Defaults.xml file temporarily and start Cubase without it ? Or simply use the Safe Start mode.

Started Cubase in safe mode, same problem.

Hm. Were both project started in the same version?

It seems that one project’s minimum is quite different from the other project’s minimum.

Have you tried zooming in aaaaall the way and then zooming back out to see if the zoom limits change?

No. The first one was started in Cubase 11 pro sometime last year and the second was Cubase 12 recently.
Sorry, what do you mean by minimum?

I mean that each project seems to have its own ideas on what the minimum waveform zoom is. One project’s minimum is very tiny, the other project’s minimum is more legible.

Why is there a difference at all? That’s the question.

  • If you move the zoom slider all the way in and then out, does something change in regards to the minimum, or do we still get the same results for both projects?

  • I wonder if a global workspace could be used to “force” the zoom levels beyond where they’re stuck. A long shot, but it’s worth a try.

  • It could very well be that I have also had this, but because I almost never hop between two projects I just hadn’t noticed yet.

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Thanks for your reply. The waveform slider is the same(down to the minimum). The reason is to know why there is a different in the audio waveform print. . . .

  • I get the same result moving or zooming the slider. It doesn’t seems to change anything outside making the waveforms bigger or smaller.

Please make sure PreGain is set to the same value on both channels in both projects.

Pretty sure you tweaked the Event gain or something.

The pre gain is something I 've never touch while doing any recording. Just check it in both project and is down to zero.

@Louis_R yes I am sure I must have tweaked something but just don’t know what it is/was.

maybe it would be interesting to upload the two projects, so others can have a look?

@steve makes perfect sense. Let me work on doing that.

Here are the Cubase projects

  1. Recorded in Cubase 12
    recorded_in_2022.cpr (483.0 KB)
  2. Recorded in Cubase 11
    Started_2021.cpr (990.9 KB)