Cubase will not recognize Halion Sonic Se

Hey I’m New to all this, and I have come across a problem

I use Cubase artist 12 and it has stopped recognizing Halion sonic Se 3, and other VST instruments (Though groove agent works fine) whenever i try play anything it doesnt make sound, and when I open instrument preferences it says License not Found.

I then uninstalled everything and installed i again now it wont let me access the instrument
I have looked at almost every online forum and cant figure it out, and my Steinberg help center is not returning my calls. Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Please download the latest versions of the bundled instruments by using the Steinberg Download Assistant.

After downloading and installing everything, make sure that the Steinberg Activation Manager is also updated to the latest version (1.4.11).

Everything is up to date and downloaded

Please right click the track list and try to add an Instrument Track. If Halion Sonic SE doesn’t appear in the Instrument list, then you likely don’t have it installed.

If you’re on Windows, you can double check by opening the Programs and Features window by using the OS’ search bar.

I made a new track and still comes up as it did before,
I checked apps and features (I’m using a windows) and it looked like this

I have the Halion Sonic SE 3 content downloaded but it doesnt show up.
Hope this helps

I had a similiar problem with GrooveAgent SE when updating from 12.0.0 to 12.0.40. After performing this maintenance update GA5 was not accessible anymore.

I got it back by uninstalling the plugin and its content,
downloading it for Cubase 12 through the Steinberg Download Assistant,
downloading the content files as well.

In the download assistant open the Cubase section on the left hand side and choose your current version of Cubase.

Please ensure you’re on the latest version of Steinberg Activation Manager (1.4.11 at the time of writing) by opening the Steinberg Download Assistant, or downloading and installing manually from here: Steinberg Activation Manager | Steinberg

Fun fact: Just after opening the SDA in order to take the above screenshot I tried to create a new project in Cubase. Cubase then told me that all the items you can see listed in the SDA did not have a license anymore.
I had to restart the computer in order to get my licenses back.

Unfortunatly, I have tried un-installing and installing it again, with the most up to date version of everything, and it still doesn’t work

My Software is fully up to date

I have just double checked again and all of my software (including my computer) is on the latest versions.
Any suggestions after this?

Hi @Noah_van_der_Meer - could you zip up the files from %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Activation Manager and send them to me via PM?

Sorry this may be a stupid question:
But how do you PM? I have made the zip file, just unsure how to send it

Click on my face and there should be a blue button called “Message”

I dont think mine is showing the blue button

Try now… your Discourse “trust level” wasn’t high enough to send direct messages, but I’ve bumped you up a level to enable that.

Just to complete the story, Noah and I worked together and uninstalled all the HALion Sonic SE (both component and standalone) and reinstalled from Steinberg Download Assistant and it fixed the problem.


I have got a similar situation: Bought Cubase Pro 12 and after downloading HALion didn’t download with the package. I downloaded it separately but Cubase doesn’t reckognise it. Same with the SSD5. The Activation Manager came with the process so I guess it’s newest version?

Would you please help me?

It might be worth checking this page to see if you’ve got the recommended components downloaded and installed: Cubase Pro 12 Downloads | Steinberg

I downloaded those first three apps: Steinberg Activation Manager, Steinberg Library Manager and Steinberg MediaBay.

Then I downloaded the Cubase Pro 12.0.60, but didn’t know how to run it.

Next I tried if Cubase now sees HALion (it didn’t).

As you can see this is unkown territory for me so I appreciate if you’ll tell me in detail step-by-step what to do. Thank you!