I will be honest!!! This is my very very first time that I’m thinking about changing my DAW, or at least taste some new flavors.

As I posted before, I’m facing some issues, almost like everyone in this forum who bought and updated to C7. Some " minor" issues related to mixer, and some “minor” issues related to performance and stability, but today in a front of my paid singer, who is professional and expecting the same about me, just laughing within herself about too many times we stopped the session because these MINOR issues does not allow us to complete our work.

I just love this DAW but, I’m not sure if this DAW is the same DAW I meet before.

Steinberg, PLEASE, don’t to this again, ever.

I hope the next release will FIX all major problems, if not, perhaps Steinberg made the major mistake of his history by launching this release too early and let their users buy a ping in a poke.


I’m with you on this and I was super stoaked the first few days after buying C7- but as I dove in and began to learn how it operated; I was finding myself spending more time clicking on things, scrolling and set-up time. I think there are some great ideas that were prematurely birthed and I just can’t for the life of me seem to be able to come up with a workflow even comes close to C6(which can be cumbersome at times) or Pro Tools(mixing)… Not to mention how unstable the program seems(I don’t have stability issues with C6, C6.5, Reaper or Pro Tools). I know it’s still in it’s beginning phase but I really wish I hadn’t been the uber-fanboy and jumped on C7 because I’ve since uninstalled it and am assuming that it probably won’t be up to par(for me) until at least 7.5. I am speaking for myself on this and really do hope that everything gets worked out because the program is currently a few steps backward in just “getting work done” at the moment on my end.

you souldn’t really be using c7 in a professional capacity if you know it has issues , i agree steinberg needs to sort things out but you need to look after your business as well , just roll back to c6 and wait , after all it doesn’t stop you from doing you job in the end does it ???

I’m using Cubase 7 in 3 different studios, on 5 computers (all of them are Macs). All of these Cubase runs whole days (lets say 8 hours every day). Cubase 7 is stable (lets say 2 crashes in one week), or super-stable (no crash during weeks, or whole months) on all of these Macs.

I just optimized all Macs for using with Cubase 7. Update all plug-ins…

we are not interested if your running a PERFECT setup …this is about not using a bugged out c7 professionally until the issues are sorted out


to be fair - there is more clicks in C7 than in C6 :exclamation: And there is a lack of short-cuts for the new functions in the MC :exclamation: And there is a lack of functionality you really need, like save the MC incl. the volume. :exclamation:
And all these issues should be fixed soonest, none regard if you are a hobbyist or a professional producer.


I also agree, it’s stable :wink: Also in a Windows enviroment :laughing:


V6 ran so smooth and was such a good release that I figured this was a new chapter for Steinberg and then came V7. :astonished:

There’s no excuse for being on our third update and we’re still battling with crazy mixer graphic issues etc. It was rushed out the door in the interest of catching that Christmas commerce with no care for the end user, there’s no dancing around that or pretending otherwise. Steinberg this will not win people over and with the uncertainty of the future of some tried and true Daws happening now it seems now is the time for Stienberg to be on top of their game. This train wreck doesn’t help Steingberg at all and all it does is make people LOL and think that “it’s still the same old Steinberg”.

Agreed. I will roll back and wait for great news from Steinberg.

When I read threads like this, I wonder if this is also a problem of people installing a major update into a professional environment without really understanding the new ways of working.

I understand the frustrations of installing an update and then having to work out how it now operates. Windows 8 was very much like that for me until I worked out you can bypass all that Metro UI crap by installing the Start8 start button. But perhaps the difference was that I waited until I was happy before “going live” with it.

I am happy doing sessions with C7 now because I have the understanding of how the new features work. I also understand its limitations using workarounds as necessary. However, for me, the new features outweigh the limitations so I am using C7 and getting excellent results. Far better than anything I did in 6.5.

In a professional environment, preparation is everything. People don’t pay you to fix problems on the job. Stick to what you know until you are confident that you will work efficiently with whatever it is that is new.

Basically, what you are saying, is that C7 is not to be used in professional environment. That it is flawed product that is not meant for professionals. Well, sorry, but thats not how Steinberg advertises it.

Reading these posts I have started to feel that Cubase 6.5 was some sort of miracle that I’ve missed. I’m quite pleased with C7 (mixconsole also), but I skipped C6. My history is C4 Studio -> C5 -> C7.

So I’m asking, am I happy with the C7 just because I don’t know anything better (C6)?

C6 was full of problems too. Not with mixer, true, but other kinds of problems, which are now forgotten because of new mixer and because of the new problems that came with C7. Everybody was complaining about C6 then, but now suddenly it is like some miracle DAW, the best ever… Whatever, some Cubase issues are reported since C4 and are still not fixed. C6 had some old problems, and created some new problems. Now C7 still has some old problems, and it created some new problems. I don’t think C6 had less problems than C7 has. Same old, same old, again and again…

C7 has no major instabilities for me. It works but it’s hard to work with.

Cubase 6 is no miracle DAW, but a pretty mature one, at least in the parts I use it. It’s not troublefree and no version will ever be probably.

The problem with Cubase 7 is the crippled workflow. Depending on how you used previous versions, you will encounter more or less annoying cut downs in many areas. For some users they are insignificant, for others they are huge! Count me to the second group!

The new features don’t make up what fell back workflowwise for me. Steinberg has a lot of work to do and I hope they won’t spend their manpower in a complete overhaul of the project window to kill its nearly perfect functionality as step two after messing up the nearly perfect mixer (instead of adding some useful features which definately are in Mix Console but have no key commands etc…).

I’ve been using Cubase for years and years and you see the exact same threads every single time there’s an update with people freaking out saying it’s impossible to do any work on this new version and the program is completely ruined, it’s only for amateurs etc etc. I never understand this because I use cubase pretty much every day to do professional work and I’ve always found it perfectly possible to work on every Cubase version since the Atari days (apart from C6 which I skipped).

Sure there’s some bugs here and there just like any complex piece of software. If these bugs are making it impossible for you to work effectively then your choices are:

  1. Adapt your working methods to take account of any bugs (usually the best option)
  2. Troubleshoot/change your hardware/OS/Plugin setup to make the bug go away (might be easy, or might be complex and costly).
  3. Revert to a previous Cubase version (never had to do this myself)
  4. Stop using Cubase and switch to another DAW (and almost certainly find that it has an equally annoying bug that you will still have to deal with).

My experience of C7 is similar to Martin.Jirsak above -C7 is extremely stable. I’ve been using it full time since the day it came out and I don’t think I’ve had a single crash.

Also, as already said in this thread, if you are doing professional work (especially with paying clients in the room) then you should be cautious about new software versions and have a known stable software installation on another hard drive partition that you can work with if need be until you are confident that the new version is reliable.

Then you’re a lucky man! Obviously you didn’t make use of the really cool, small things that make a big difference now that they are gone.

  1. Yes!
  2. Yes!
  3. Yes, this is the first time I do it since SX1.
  4. This is not a real option for the reasons you name :wink:

I’d like to add:
5. Find compensation for lost features - sorry, not possible (for me) in Cubase 7 for some crucial functions.

To be more particular, I’m a little stucked by missing options on what happens on clicking on mixer elements with modifier keys. The standard behaviour doesn’t do it for me. Here’s my full length request:

Another thing is the lack of key commands, especially in the mixer. The list is far from complete to come close to the usability/comfort I know from Cubase 5 + 6. More details here:

+1, stability is not the problem. Working for clients excludes using software that hasn’t passed your personal quality control.

Well said.

Everyone has different objectives and very different set-ups of Cubase. In a nutshell, I use 3 monitors on Windows 7 using a PC custom built for audio. I have not had too many stability issues.

For me WORKFLOW is what it’s all about. Steinberg released a new mixer and a new console without any key commands! :laughing: In spite of fanboys loving everything, no key commands for mixer/console is not professional and greatly cripples my workflow. With the latest update they added a few, but it still hugely lacks to achieve anything close to my workflow in C6.

The integration between creating tracks in your project screen and tracks created in the mixer is a joke. It’s apparent nothing is very well thought out. For example if you create tracks within folders in your project you still have to go through numerous mouse clicks in the mixer.

Here is a key command issue apparently completely ignored by Steinberg for years. How hard is it to press the same key to close the history window?

Based on Cubase history since the 90’s the sad aspect is that core functions, bug fixes, and basic improvements are secondary to new features, new VSTI’s, and new higher quality tools and effects. There is nothing wrong with that, but I think Steinberg should focus more on the things Waves, NI, or UAD can’t achieve.

I would guess in about 2 years from now C7 will have 80% of the current “issues” fixed, and then release C8 which will introduce many more problems leaving the 20% from C7 unfixed. It’s a cumulative problem that’s mostly invisible to any new or casual user of Cubase…and those seem to be Steinbergs “bread n butter”…not long time users wishing things would be fixed in updates/upgrades. :mrgreen:

I agree to all details of the post above.

7.5 will be a pay for update like 6.5 i bet

All the new features in C7 are amazing but I really feel that they rushed it to be able to release it before christmass. remember C6 was released in january and it was solid … that’s not a marketing desision scince everybody knows the worst month in terms of sales is january … IMHO that’s why there was so many bugs in C7. 7.0.2 is already a lot better, but I feel like 7.0.3 will be what 7.0.0 should have been :frowning: