Cubasis 2

Hi guys,

I’ve received the message from Steinberg announcing the new release of the software, but I can’t upgrade my version (1.9.8). When I go in the App Store and I found Cubasis 2 I choose (The only choose) and it open my old version. I’ve no possibility to upgrade or to buy the new release.

Hi Strato54,

to understand your issue… you made a previous regular update in the App store from Version 1 to 2?

You will not have to re-buy the update since it is free for previous customers.


Hi strato54,

As with previous updates, Cubasis comes for free for existing customers.
Cubasis 2 is available via the App Store and it should be easily possible to update existing versions.

The App Store app on your iPad should notify you about the available Cubasis 2 update.
Tapping the corresponding notification should run the update installation automatically.

It might be helpful to reset your internet connection and/or restarting the iPad.
If the problem persists please get in touch with Apple, who runs the App Store.

Hope the problem can be solved quickly at your end!


In my App Store Cubasis does not appair as a upgradeable app. I don’t know how can I do

Hi strato54,

Please get in touch with Apple regarding the topic and make sure to keep us updated.
Hope they can support you in getting it solved asap.


Hi Lars, I’ve asked for an Help to Apple but they heaven’t no good idea for my problem. There’s no any other way to obtain the new release of Cubasis?

An Experiment, touch open.
I guess you have automatic updates aktivated,

Hi strato54,

There are two app versions available:

  • Cubasis 2 (Full version)
  • Cubasis LE 2 (upgradeable to the the same feature set as Cubasis 2 via IAP, once unlocked)

Cubasis 2
Assuming you’re equipped with Cubasis 2, all it takes normally is to open the App Store application on your iPad device. There you should see the updated Cubasis 2 version and another tap starts the installation.

Cubasis LE 2 Full Feature Set IAP
If we’re talking about Cubasis LE, including the full feature set IAP option the update scenario differs.
A purchase restore (located in the in-app shop of Cubasis) will update your previous IAP to the upgraded full feature set.

Hope that helps to solve the issue.


Hi Lars,
I’ve 1.9.9 full version. I see in App Store the new 2 .0 version but I only can to open in the App Store the 2.0 version. But when I choose to open it I notice That ipad opens my old 1.9.9 version that it’s already on my device

Hi strato54,

Please follow these steps on your iPad.

Make sure you’re logged in with the correct Apple ID (Settings/iTunes & App Store)


  • Open the “App Store” app on your iPad device
  • In the “App Store” app go to “Updates” tab
  • Look for “Cubasis” and tap “UPDATE” button

Result: Your app gets updated to the last available version (2.0 in that case).

If the problem persists please get in touch with Apple.

Hope that helps,

Hi Lars,

How I’ve already said to You in my account of App Store Cubasis does’'t appair as to upgrade. Apple says that the problem is’t dued to their App Store. They always say to contact you.
I will rest with my 1.9.9 64 bit version.

Please send us a Screen Shoot.

Here is the screen shot

Have you open the Update Tab/Page?
Please, try the update via the update Page.

Cubasis 2 doesn’t appear in the update page

The last chance i see, try it with iTunes.

Please , can you tell how can i do?

Connect your iPad to your Pc.
If iTunes open go to Store and open the “Update” tab.

Another trial: Reinstall Cubasis (All projects lost without backup).

Test it before delete Cubasis.
Duplcate a Projekt. Make a backup.
Delete the project and copy the backup to the iPad via iTunes.

Backup your projects:

Drag and Drog doesn’t work on my PC. I select all Cuabasis folders an select “Copy as” bellow the box.

Delete Cubasis and install.