Cubasis 3.4 adding Ableton Link Support and more is available

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Today we are very pleased to announce the immediate release of Cubasis 3.4, which brings the long-awaited Ableton Link support alongside adding numerous workflow and performance improvements.

How to Sync Cubasis with Ableton Link | What You Can Do with Cubasis

In addition, Cubasis is currently available at a 40% discount and its in-app purchases at a 50% discount as part of the Steinberg New Year Deals promotion, which has been extended until Feb 14, 2022.

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Attached and below, please find more details about the new features and improvements in this update.

We hope you like the new update.
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What’s New in Cubasis 3.4

Whats New in Cubasis 3.4.pdf (1.0 MB)

・Ableton Link Support
Make Cubasis on multiple iPad, iPhone and Android devices play in time together. Jam with others who run Link-enabled apps on their devices. Sync Cubasis with multiple applications on the same device… and much more. The sky’s the limit. No matter if you are using iOS, Android, desktop or hardware: Ableton Link support in Cubasis makes staying synchronised with other Link-enabled apps easy and effortless. Simply enable Link and join the party.

・MIDI Recording Workflow Improvements
Ready to capture your latest idea? Cubasis 3.4 adds many features to make life easier for you. A long tap on the locator range lets you instantly place the locators in a new position to quickly start your recording. Use the Chord Buttons to instantly create great-sounding chord sequences at your finger tips, while recording melodies in one go. You want to find out how your pad sequence sounds at half speed? Sure thing. MIDI time-stretch lets you easily find out via a few simple taps. That’s what makes Cubasis one of a kind when it comes to usability. It’s made by musicians for musicians.

・State Save / Total Recall Improvements
Polishing musical ideas to professional-sounding songs is often a matter of multiple sessions. Cubasis 3.4 makes sure you will find the project in the exact same state as when you left the app last time. The editors remember the zoom level and position for each audio and MIDI event, allowing you to instantly continue with your edits. The same goes for the arranger, the mixer channel width, the setup choices you’ve made and more. Do you prefer being creative instead of wasting time? So do we. That’s why we’ve got you covered with Cubasis 3.4, to help you keep polishing your songs to perfection from right where you left off.

・75+ Improvements
While there are many DAW apps available on the market, there is only one Cubasis app that pairs powerful features with unmatched usability. And it offers so much more. Cubasis 3.4 adds more than 75 improvements, ensuring the highest performance and rock-solid stability to help you capture your ideas and polish them into professional-sounding songs. Trust us, you will love the latest version of the multi-award winning Cubasis 3!


Cubasis 3.4 Version History

Cubasis 3.4 Version History.pdf (297.6 KB)

・New Features & General Improvements
CBT-1662 Ableton Link
CBT-54 Keyboard chord buttons
CBT-2741 MIDI time-stretching
CBT-2345 Multi-core processing on iOS has been drastically improved.
CBT-2732 Latency setup options have been improved for ease of use.
CBT-2916 Zoom Panel setup option added for phones.
CBT-2703 Audiobus SDK updated to V3.0.15
CBT-138 Playhead scrubbing option added to setup.
CBT-1895 Arranger, mixer and editor view settings are now properly saved with the project.
CBT-2206 Mixdown options are now saved with the project.
CBT-853 Long press on the the left and right locator area allows to move the locator range.
CBT-2677 Keyboard shortcuts added for rewind/forward reeling (Alt/+/Alt/-).
CBT-2243 Tapping a track in the arranger now scrolls the mixer to the selected track and vice versa.
CBT-2845 The range of the keyboard shortcut for horizontal zoom has been increased.
CBT-1973 Demo songs now have auto-stretched enabled.

・Arrange Window & Inspector
CBT-2561 Solves an issue where the first note is ignored during cycle recording if auto-quantize is activated.
CBT-2524 Notepad scrolling on iOS now works as expected again.
CBT-2662 Routing a MIDI effect track to another track no longer causes double notes.
CBT-2843 Resolves a phenomenon where notes at the cycle start are not played or recorded, if auto-quantize is enabled.
CBT-2748 Drag and drop of a MIDI file onto an existing track no longer changes its instrument.
CBT-2602 Precount settings are now properly transmitted to Audio Unit plug-ins.
CBT-350 Resolves a problem concerning audible audio artefacts during playback on iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X.
CBT-2191 Switching to another app with background audio enabled no longer leads to audio artefacts during playback.
CBT-2890 Fixes an issue where the monitoring latency can increase after some time.
CBT-2672 Paste now only selects the pasted events.
CBT-1002 Copy and paste buttons now give longer visual feedback.
CBT-2749 MIDI learn of a button that sends CC as R/W now works as expected.
CBT-2688 Resolves a phenomenon where recorded audio isn’t played back if MIDI tracks are record-enabled.
CBT-2779 Fixes a rare issue where deleting the first track can render Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-1247 Resolves a serious problem where frequently using undo can render Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-2765 The states of certain Audio Unit plug-ins are now saved properly, preventing a parameter reset.
CBT-2603 Vertical inspector scrolling is now locked when moving a slider.
CBT-2699 Resolves a rare issue where the rewind button did not work.
CBT-2735 Cancelling track freeze no longer leads to soloed track playback.
CBT-1260 Fixes an issue where loading different projects can randomly lead to empty audio events.
CBT-314 Changing audio event volumes via the middle event handle is now immediately applied during playback.
CBT-2640 Resolves a problem where Micrologue ARP loses sync during cycle playback.
CBT-2548 MIDI file import of CC data that doesn’t start at the beginning of the song now works as expected.
CBT-2752 Notepad now properly shows the lowest lines of text.
CBT-1018 Resolves a problem where audio continues to play after undo removed the actual event.
CBT-1239 Muting an audio event is now applied during playback in real-time.
CBT-756 Shortening an audio event’s length during playback no longer leads to audio artefacts.
CBT-2383 Resolves a rare problem where the recording spinning wheel remains in stop and playback mode.
CBT-1149 Resolves a problem where moving or resizing a MIDI event can lead to silence.
CBT-317 Fade-in/out handle changes are now audible in real-time.
CBT-40 Resolves a problem with hanging notes when unmuting a MIDI event.
CBT-1257 Unmuting a MIDI track no longer results in playback of previous notes.
CBT-1226 Fixes a rare issue where unsoloing an audio track can lead to a loud noise burst.
CBT-2319 Unsoloing a track in stop mode no longer leads to playback of buffered audio.
CBT-2837 Fixes a problem where stopping the playback can lead to hanging notes.
CBT-2850 Disabling record-enable during recording no longer leads to a hanging spinning wheel.
CBT-2032 Using redo in specific situations no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-2976 The performance of moving an event in a project containing many events has been improved.
CBT-1035 Notes of events on a MIDI track are now vertically positioned correctly in relation to each other.
CBT-2696 Resolves a rare issue where very long sessions could render Cubasis unreliable.

CBT-2861 Resolves a phenomenon, where loading specific projects can render Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-2683 Resolves a problem, where importing a Cubasis 2 project can render the app unreliable.
CBT-1960 Resolves a rare problem, where loading a project or opening the MediaBay can render Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-2724 Resolves a problem where choosing an existing project’s name when renaming can cause damaged projects.
CBT-2255 Restored projects will no longer be damaged if a project with the same name already exists.
CBT-2814 Fixes an issue, where auto-save does not work when sharing a project.
CBT-2682 Creating a MIDI mixdown of a multi-track project with soloed tracks now works as expected.
CBT-1945 MediaBay sorting by date now works as expected.
CBT-1126 Cancelling a mixdown no longer leads to playback of audio snippets.
CBT-1788 Mixdown between locators no longer leads to playback of audio snippets.
CBT-2937 The user is now informed when trying to email a project without an email account.
CBT-2744 Fixes an issue on some Android devices where mixdown files could not be accessed.

CBT-1205 Changing tempo of a project which contains auto-stretched audio events no longer pauses playback.
CBT-2360 Time-stretched events no longer lead to DSP peaks at cycle points.
CBT-2132 Fixes an issue where playing back time-stretched audio files can lead to audible artefacts.
CBT-2801 Fixes a serious issue where changing the tempo of a project containing time-stretched events can lead to unwanted audio event changes.

・Instruments and Effects
CBT-2027 Holding a Micrologue note during a cycle point no longer leads to audio crackling.
CBT-2668 Closing the note repeat panel now turns note repeat off.
CBT-2116 MIDI effect automation now works as expected.
CBT-2827 Waves and Audio Unit plug-in settings are now properly saved when closing Cubasis.
CBT-1992 Rearranging MIDI effects on iPhone now works as expected.
CBT-2727 Fixes a problem where moving an Audio Unit effect can lead to a change in sound.
CBT-2615 Using the Tape Delay feedback control now works as expected.
CBT-2767 Fixes an issue where some Audio Unit MIDI effects don’t trigger sound if the playhead is at the beginning of the song.
CBT-2691 Pressing F3 having Microsonic Ooh Choirs loaded no longer leads to hanging notes.
CBT-1071 MIDI panic now also works for instruments on muted tracks.
CBT-2686 Fixes an issue where mixdown of Micrologue automation results in audible artefacts.
CBT-2649 Fixes an issue on some iPads where a pink background was visible when resizing Waves plug-ins.
CBT-2751 Freezing empty tracks where only an Audio Unit effect plug-in generates sound is now possible.
CBT-2889 Resolves an issue where using Micrologue and certain effects could render Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-2697 Resolves an issue where some notes of certain Microsonic instruments had audible artefacts on Chrome OS.

CBT-2679 MIDI editor and zoom scroll positions of events are now saved with the project.
CBT-2904 Resolves a problem where automation of some Audio Unit parameters is not played back.
CBT-2968 Fixes a rare issue in the audio editor where the right locator disappears and edits are ignored.
CBT-2836 Fixes a rare issue where mute automation could render Cubasis unreliable.

CBT-2279 Resolves a problem where the use of Audio Engine Latency (Guard Buffer) can lead to unwanted monitoring delays.
CBT-2698 Resolves a rare problem where changing the Audio Engine Latency settings can render Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-2058 Using recording offset calibration no longer increases monitoring and MIDI input latency.
CBT-2317 MIDI clock song position calculation has been fixed, when sending a song position MIDI message.
CBT-2746 Temporary files are now properly deleted at app launch.
CBT-2971 Resolves a rare issue where Cubasis can render unreliable when closing the app.
CBT-1959 Fixes an issue on Android where purchasing Micrologue ARP can render Cubasis unreliable.


Good to see multi core processing has been improved. Was really hoping “crossfades” would be implemented by now as this has been requested by many users since Cubasis was released. This is such an important feature and I really hope this gets added soon please.


So much nice new features and improvements. But where is the tempo track? Cubasis will be no professional DAW without this feature.

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Thanks a lot for fixing these:

CBT-2679 MIDI editor and zoom scroll positions of events are now saved with the project.

CBT-2968 Fixes a rare issue in the audio editor where the right locator disappears and edits are ignored.
( not sure if i had exactly this one, but i observed a similar issue at least)

CBT-2672 Paste now only selects the pasted events.
→ maybe only 1 step, because i can’t count the times i accidentally deleted or moved previously selected events which where outside the current view. Because of the “sticky” selection. Which is inconsistent in the track view and the midi editor. While the selection in the track view is too sticky in my opinion ( rarely useful i think ). Maybe i simply don’t get it, but the selction stickyness should be only depend on the selction button and no implicit assumptions by the software.

A wish, for which i don’t know if it is techically feasible: external AU parameter automation seems not available at least for serveral AUs i have. Would be a “killer feature” for the current cubasis.

The other rather obvious killer feature would be a dedicated drum editor ( maybe a better integrated version of the drum machine in garage band ). I have no issues with the midi editor, but it can be simpler with a dedicated drum editor.
Don’t re-implement the cubase drum editor, though. Because this frankly is inferior i think to any other DAW. But it would still be an improvement to only have an midi event editor.
The basic feature would be a full screen button for the midi editor with a pre-set 1 or 2 bar view.

Minor point: the project dependency of micro sampler pad assignments make no sense at all, because there is no copy function one would need to re-create such things for each new project. True the micro sampler is not intended to be a full sampler, but in principle it would allow to create own drum kits. But as-is this is not really supported. Maybe intentionally, though there is no Groove Agent AU for iPad available, at least yet ( which is strange given there are some non-Steinberg AUs which seem to sell pretty well on the iPad store )

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i disagree, sure some people or styles might use tempo changes very often, i’d say this is true for at most 20%. “half-speed” and “double-speed” can be done without a project tempo change at all anyway. And : The cubase elements version doesn’t have the tempo track feature. So true, cubasis is not as “professional” like a 100$ DAW, well. But i consider it quite professional in many regards.
What the cubasis product managers could consider would be some “multi-project” mixdown feature. This seems not a complicated thing to implement and would not only support songs with ( a few ) sections with different tempo, but also support complexer songs with the same tempo. I think it makes a lot sense for cubasis not to simply replicate e.g. cubase features but take a different approach. Given it’s long history i think also the steinberg people agree, that cubase has it’s quirks and inconsistencies or you can achieve the same things in the UI in different ways. ( my history with Cubase isn’t that long and i like it, but for reasons i can’t really tell DAWs like FL-Studio and Live seem more in fashion today. )

Hi all,

Thank you very much for your positive feedback about Cubasis 3.4 so far!

We are more than pleased, that you seem to enjoy using the new update so far.

Please note that our engineering already reviewed your bug reports and requests, which we‘ve recieved through the Audiobus and Steinberg forums, via email or private message.

The team already started working on the next update, which aims to resolve the issues introduced with the release of V3.4.

Again, thank you very much for all your feedback!

Stay safe
& best wishes,

Ableton link is not working properly with Lumbeat Funk Drummer or Jazz Drummer or Soft Drummer, keeps getting kicked off, very frustrating especially this is the only reason I paid $50 to upgrade from LE2, I want a refund.

Hi @Mod_Rob,

Thanks for your message.

Actually we are unaware about Cubasis-related issues with Ableton Link.
Please have a look at our Ableton Link tutorial to learn how to use the feature:

If you encounter issues with 3rd party plug-ins, we recommend to get in touch with the app vendors.

To get a refund for the app please get in touch with Apple.

Hope that helps!


I have had lots of problems with all Lumbeats apps and Ableton Link or midi sync, in many different scenarios. Also, trying to record using either IAA or Audiobus with them is also very problematic for me.
I have had the best luck hosting one of the drummers in AUM, getting it to where I want it while synced to Cubasis, and then recording the audio in AUM and using Audioshare to import into Cubasis. Or you could export audio or midi from the drummer…
Wish life was easier, but I tend to suspect it may be Lumbeat’s implementation more than a problem with Cubasis.

Hi @zzrwood,

Thanks for your message.

In our testing Ableton Link worked as expected, same for our friends at Ableton. In addition, we are unaware about user complaints so far.

I’d suggest to get in touch with Lambeats regarding the topic. if required, I’m at hand to have them equipped with a Cubasis promo code for testing purposes.

Hope that helps!


Could you please build ‘Export Ableton Live Set’ into Cubasis? I see you have said you are friends with Ableton. Are there any objections to doing this? I hope not. Thank you.

From Ableton’s website:

### Want to build Export Live Set into your product?

Check out our info for developers