Cubasis 3.5 Cutting Off UI Again - Android - Pixel 6

Hey again all,

Same as my previous post: Cubasis UI Cut off on right side of Pixel 6 my Pixel 6 is once again cutting off part of the display on the right side in 3.5.2.
It was fixed previously … now it’s happening again. As per previous work-around that I posted, setting the display cutout to “render apps below cutout area” makes it visible but the phone unusable as items don’t line up anymore.

Thoughts are appreciated.
Thanks, /Chris

Hi @YFlyer,

Thanks for your message.

We are unable to see the issue ourselves using a Pixel 6a.
Please provide us with a screenshot and let us know which Android OS you use.


Hi Lars,
The 6 has Android 13 Build TQ3A.230705.001. Should be the same on an up to date 6a?

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to test.
Thanks loads!

Hi @YFlyer,

Thanks for the additional info, which has been shared with the team.