Cubasis 3.5 GUIs are not fitting the Screen Android 13

Hello there. The new Cubasis 3.5 GUIs are not fitting the screen in any of its screen modes. Im running Android 13 on a Samsung Galaxy Note20Ultra 5G. Check the video attached

Hi @Dr_Heavy_Poison,

We’ve already released a support article regarding the topic.

Please check if one of the provided workaround options helps to immediately resolve the problem:

& stay safe

Perfect Lars. I did one of the available options and everything is in place now. This options works on my Android 13:

Enable the camera cutout
This setup option is available on many Samsung smartphones, but not on all devices. If it’s not on your device, try another workaround.

Open the SettingsTap “Display”Tap “Camera cutout”Tap “Cubasis 3”Tap “Show camera cutout”

Glad to read this, thanks for the update @Dr_Heavy_Poison!