Cubasis 3 - Known Issues

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Please find the known issues for Cubasis 3 right here:

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Lars, does cubasis 3 allow for external sync to midi clock? I bought cubasis 2 and all the iaps and this fundamental feature was never implemented. Before I spend anymore money on this product I want an ease way to sync cubasis 3 to a hardware sequencer/clock

I have an iPad Air 3 from 2019 with iPadOS 13.3 and I’m experiencing the following issues.

-Not stable with Interapp, the app (interapp) stop sounding just like in Cubasis 2 but more often.

-Failures when playing audio or MIDI files/tracks that have been recently copied and pasted, from the same project or loaded from the ‘Media’ window. (Cubasis must be closed and reopened to make them sound).

-Catastrophic failure when changing the time knob in Non-Linear Reverb, a mid-high noise starts sounding and freeze, until you close the reverb.

Esporadic or minor failures;

-Design of the automation section. Why to have 3 folders of the same track? I can see ‘‘track 1’’, ‘‘track 1 insert’’ and ‘‘track 1 instrument’’. When you have more than 3 tracks it’s horrible.

-We can’t scroll down the ‘Track Inspector’ when the keyboard (or an effect, an instrument etc…) is open, so we can’t check the volume fader of the track while editing other deep parameters.

-When you open and hide the ‘Track Inspector’ then the ‘Timeline’ section moves horizontally for a moment (like 0,6 seconds). Its not beautiful, specially when you hide the track inspector, cause part of your screen is showed with a grey space during 0,6 seconds.

-Failures when selecting the color of a track.

-MIDI editor is not full stable.

Sorry for my English, I hope to be understandable.

Apple pencil for iPad pro 11" (2018) is literally not working. Pencil is doing nothing. Checked in Cubasis 2, and it works ok.

Febfilter Pro c2 (as insert, full screen) keeps displaying tooltip “your host cannot dynamically resize the plug-in interface. To apply to the new interface size, simply close the plugin interface and then re-open it”. It covers preset switching button. The tooltip doesn’t disappear after reopening plugin.

It is the same in Fabfilter Pro-G. The rest of fabfilter plugins seems to work ok.

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To report issues, please file a bug report via creating a new topic (making sure we do not oversee it). Thanks!

I gave the issue a short check on the iPad Pro 12.9" (iOS 13.2.3):

  • Load C2 as insert effect to a MIDI track
  • Open C2 user interface and change to full screen mode

The interface maximizes as expected on the iPad Pro, and I do not see the tooltip.
Please let me know if additional steps are required to reproduce the problem.


Concerning Fabfilter tooltip. Can I record screen movie and attach it here on the forum? Ipad pro 11" has slightly different resolution then 12.9" version. I am on 13.3 iOS

Is CBT-1306 (mentioned on AB forum) still in the database?

Does the ‘known issues’ list represent bugs that have been verified by your own testers?

Lars,don’t forget the “Minisampler Issue”

Cheers Bazz

Time stretch issue

Open new project, place an audio file in track, use time stretch feature to match up audio clip to project tempo to the desired set of bars. Close app and reopen app. The problem happens upon reopening the app the audio file is now less length than the 4 measure it was original set at. If I restretch to the four bars the audio clip is now slower tempo than original

Expectation. I would expect when I reopen the app or a saved project it would be the same as when I closed it

I just upgraded to Cubasis 3. I like it but… the main problem for me is that Interapp does not work stable.
When I switch to the app I don’t hear any sound, when I click ‘play’ on the transport tool then the tool closes and the app loses connection with Cubasis.
I have the same issue with all Interapp enabled apps. I can live with Cubasis 2 for some while but I hope this will be fixed soon.
iPad Pro (10,5-inch), ipad ios 13.3

Hi Tor1,

Thank you for letting us know about the time-stretch issue, which has been added to our bugbase:

CBT-1364 Length of time-stretched event is lost when re-opening project


Hi hansi2003,

If possible, please let me have the exact steps, to allow us giving your issue a repro.
Thank you for your help!


Found a little work around for my issue with time stretching though a little tedious it’s effective. Simply freeze the audio track and delete the original

Hi Tor1,

Thank you for sharing your workaround with us.
Please note that the issue is planned to be addressed in the upcoming Cubasis 3.0.1 mainntenance update.

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Would it be fair to say midi in C3 has significant issues? Import brings a mess into the track that is virtually unusable. Copy paste leaves section not making a sound. Joining clips messes up the length of notes, puts glitches into the clip image and who know what else. I guess these are all on the table for a fix? How long can we expect to wait?

Hi ailerom,

Thank you for your message.

Cubasis 3.0.1 is in the works and expected to be released in February.

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Does it fix these issues?

Also, do you know how to remove an insert effect. After adding one I want to remove it but can’t see how.

(Edit) Figured it out. Problem was that the interface is periodically unresponsive. I was tapping the back button to go to the effect selection page but it would not do anything. Even after several restarts. I started to think it was not possible to go back once you have chosen an effect. Then it just work and I found the No Effect option. Similarly, it too 3 restarts and many attempts at closing the help window to get the forum link to work. Facebook link worked but wooptidoo for that. Eventually the forum link decided to work. Another clunky issue. Is the interface getting some repair work done as well?

I feel the sounds output by cubasis 3 is so thin before and after mix down! It’s really for pop or rock genre… especially for rock! I don’t like it.