Cubasis 3 LE not sending MIDI data? Where to configure external devices?

Hi all,

I just have begun with Cubasis 3 LE, which comes bundled with Studiologic Numa Compact 2x and thanks to the app MIDI WRENCH (iPad) I have seen that Cubasis does not send any midi data after I start a MIDI track with ‘No Instruments’ (besides Controller 120 on all channels).

Where in Cubasis 3 LE can I configure the two MIDI ports that the Numa Compact 2x offers, when connected to my iPad by USB?

Do I need other apps like AUM or AudioMaster to do this?

Thank you.

Hi Jazz,
I sometimes use a Roland UM ONE midi interface to connect my midi keyboard/sound module to my iPad.
If you look at my photo, numbers 1,2 & 3, you can see I have selected the Midi track channel 1,
I selected Routing #1
I selected No Midi Out #2
In the Midi Out drop down box I selected UM ONE #3
The midi is now output to my midi sound module.
The audio out from this module is routed back to the iPad using an audio interface and into audio track 2 in Cubasis3, tap on Routing and change Mono Input to Stereo Input.
The red button should be showing on the left of the audio track (under the M) and this track must be selected, at the moment this button is white.
Hit record, select Mixer to see recording level.
I apologise if I am telling you something you may already know.
Hope this works for you, any probs just shout :wink:

You may want to this out, basically it’s what I have written above but explained in a different way that may be more understandable😉

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Thank you very much, @fixitmania53, to bring to my attention the ‘Routing - No MIDI Output’ icon that I have not spotted before. I have already seen one of the NC2x ports, but not the other one. I will check that out tomorrow and tell you what I will have achieved. I also own a cable similar to the Roland UM ONE so I’m pretty confident that I will be able to solve the problem I currently have.

I wish you luck……and achievement :+1:

Thanks! You had all the knowledge! I just merged multiple thoughts into a repeatable process I can use. Thanks again!!

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:smiling_face: thanks for saying so :beers:

After connecting the Numa Compact 2x and selecting it using the Cubasis icons for MIDI In and MIDI Out, it all worked well, and I can use this connection to make tracks on Cubasis. However I don’t want to use the sounds of the Numa Compact 2x for playback but route it via the integrated MIDI merge of the 2x to a Ketron SD2 MIDI soundbox.

Unfortunately, the MIDI merge of the 2x cannot merge from the USB MIDI to the MIDI DIN Out, so I really had to use a cable similar to the Roland UM ONE (the EMU XMidi1x1), as you suggested, in order to make a working connection in both directions.

Thank you again, @ fixitmania53, for your kind help.

Off topic:
Now when I’m starting my MIDI track sending on Channel 4, Cubasis first sends ‘All sound off’ on ALL channels, which I definitely do not want, then it sends an empty SysEx command (F0 F7) after about a second for an unknown reason, and then the actual MIDI Notes in the track which start after about 2 seconds. When stopping the track, Cubasis sends a ‘Sustain off’, an ‘All notes off’ and a ‘All sound off’, fortunately only on Channel 4.

As I own a Bome Box, I can turn off all these unwanted MIDI data.

Glad to hear things are good. Did Midi Wrench help at all ?

Yes, it’s so easy to use, as compared e.g. with MIDI-OX. Also the time stamp is very helpful.

Ah that’s good :+1::slightly_smiling_face: