Cubasis 3: marker track

Hi Guys!

Is there one? Thanks a lot!

No, there is no dedicated marker track in Cubasis 3. But the basic start/end cycle markers are available.

Hi Sirko80,

Doubling lechbialek’s feedback:
As of yet, Cubasis does not support markers, except for the left right marker.


MARKERS is such a basic feature so as a TEMPO track. As a Cubasis 2 user, I don’t really see the true benefit of upgrading to version 3 and having to pay the full price again.

I just took the chance and upgraded to v.3 (at the discounted price) and so far I’m pretty impressed (I’d been waiting for some of the bugs to get worked out). Thank you for allowing those of us who had already purchased the FX packages to migrate those into the new version. That being said, i agree that having markers is a REALLY critical feature. Being able to label where sections of a song start and end, notate edit points, etc. is super important.
It’s probably fair to say that most of us realize that this is not necessarily taking the place of the bigger, more full-fledged DAWs out there, but I’m feeling pretty good about using this for an entire project right now and having a few additional features, such as this, even for a slightly higher price point, really goes a long way to improving upon an already wonderful app.

Hi all,

The feature is on our list.


Something as fundamental as a tempo track has “been on the list” at least since 2016. That doesn’t give much hope for markers… But it would be very useful indeed!

I just use empty midi clips on a midi track with no instrument loaded into it. You can name the individual clips the various parts of your song and colour them etc. It’ll do till we get the real thing.


Please, I want too. So important for me

Yes please. We need Marker!