Cubasis feature reqeuest tempo track

Hi there,
For me it would be a major improvement to have tempo tracks in cubasis, so the chance to change tempo (speed) and rate (taktart) within a Track.
That would make cubasis a more powerfull Tool for live sessions, click track and midi Support. Also for Tracking, it is for uns rather seldom that one track has a fixed tempo.

Trank you

Hi mittichec,

Thanks for your message.
Tempo track support is on our feature list for future updates.


Hi, did you add the tempo track on midi files on latest version?

Hi exstaticax,

Thanks for your message.

The tempo track feature request remains on our list for future updates.
At this moment I am unable to give you a date when the feature will be included.


Hi Lars,
just found this thread vie google and i also wanted to ask, if a tempo track is maybe added by now. just like in the “normal” cubase it would be nice to change tempo and time signature in a song.
many thanks for info :slight_smile:

Hi katzenkommissar,

Thanks for your message.
Tempo track support has not been added so far, but the feature remains on our list for future updates.

Best wishes,

ok, improvement would be nice :wink:
then i’d take my laptop to the rehearsals. what would be the smallest/cheapest solution that incorporates a tempo/time signature track?
thanks in advance

Hi Steinberg,

Well it’s been a couple years now since you said tempo was on the to do list. We really need that. Auria has a tempo track … but I like your work flow better. Please Please Please give us the ability to add tempo changes in tracks :smiley:

Hi cloudswimmer,

Thank you for your message.

We hear you, but it will take some more time until tempo/signature track will make it into Cubasis.
But it definitely remains on the list.

Best wishes,

I would also like to add my vote to having a tempo/signature track (and markers in another post). I have been patiently waiting for Steinberg to add these features. For now I am using Auria Pro for when I am working with multi-tempos and using Cubasis for everything else.
It would also be useful if this could also be available when importing midi files with that type of data in them.


I can’t believe that it’s still not possible to do tempo changes in a song with Cubasis. It’s so basic, an absolutely essential feature for most genres, and without it Cubasis is simply useless, no matter how many other things the app does well. I discovered this the hard way having bought Cubasis 2 (assuming it could do the basics). Needless to say, I won’t be buying Cubasis 3 as long as tempo change in some useful form isn’t implemented.

Hi there. Totally agree with you. I also cant understand why we still dont have it. Probably we should write a letter to support?

I need this too. It’s the only reason I’m sticking with Auria pro for now.

Hi all,

Thank you for your messages.

While the tempo track request remains on our list for future updates, we are unable to give an estimate when the feature will make it into the app.


I’m a Cubase user. Recently I am using iPad Pro, so I would like to compose using cubasis.
But unless it has tempo track, I won’t buy cubasis, because this function is necessary to me.
Best regards

Hi koumeigto,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately the status is unchanged:
We are unable to give an estimate, when the tempo track will make it into Cubasis,
However it will not take place short- or mid-term.


Im a Guitarplayer and i often use tempo changes. what about this feature in cubasis 3???
your now telling this about 4 years to happend. so where it is? i think this is a must have feature for music software.
i would need this so bad!

I would say that this is also getting a bit ridiculous here. Since 2,5 (Edit: 4 years!!) at least they have been stating that this feature is on their dev. longlist. Either you are managing your feature lists poorly or us people wanting to use cubasis in order to slimline tracking processes and equipment are not your peer group for feature decisions.
Can you then please add a description what you consider cubasis being made for? All the features described in the app are basically meaningless without tempo tracks in my eyes.
No tempo track, no ambitious, semi- or professional recording possible.

I’ll just chip in that I’d happily buy Cubasis today (my iPad Pro is currently more powerful than my laptop!), but I haven’t bought it purely because I discovered it lacks this. If I can’t change tempo or time sig in a song, it’s massively limiting to most of the songs I’d likely write and just makes what appears a great app completley useless for a lot of my songs. No offense to some people’s music, but everything being the exact same uniform tempo and time sig all the way through is one of the things that’s wrong with modern “popular” music IMHO and makes it all sound boring. It’s a basic for “natural” non-computer written music.

Anyway, lack of this feature is a straight up no-purchase unfortunately from me. Sorry. :frowning:

There is a feature request thread in the cubasis forum with the option to vote. Please all annoyed users who are missing tempo tracks in cubasis, vote there:


(you cannot include links into the post, so i replace „.“ by „-dot-„
maybe it helps them to prioritize the feature if they receive enough votes on this.