Cubasis 3 using with Yamaha arranger

Hi guys, today I’ve purchased a Cubasis for my iPad Pro, and started to learn this program.
I’m interested in its midi capabilities and thought I’ll be able to use it with my Yamaha Arranger Keyboard - Yamaha Genos 1
So I plugged it via Bluetooth with Yamaha MD-BT-01 Bluetooth midi adapter and I successfully could use Genos to play tracks inside Cubasis with its internal voices in Microsonic. However my goal is to play the midi data recorded in Cubasis with Genos’s internal voices which are far superior in quality.
Unfortunately I couldn’t make it work properly I didn’t see that Cubasis transmits anything to the midi output channels (Genos has a midi monitor that shows the signal per channel, and it never showed anything).

Could someone point me on the correct configurations of Cubasis to make it work?

Hi MarkBr,
I wrote instructions on performing this very task back in July, I explains how to send midi out to an external sound module and then return the audio back into Cubasis.
Click the link and scroll up to the Cubasis screen shot I have attached and just follow my instructions :+1:
Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

@fixitmania53 Thank you very much! I’ve connected the arranger via USB and it recognized it as two midi devices - 16 channels each, just like in a “regular” PC setup! Nice, I was able to make some routing.

Now a follow up question. I would like to Create a patch list for Genos (MSB/LSB/PC per patch, or voice in Yamaha terminology) and import it into Cubasis so that I could select the voice from a list and record. Is it possible to achieve in Cubasis?

That is a mighty keyboard you have there.
You can only change presets in Cubasis by using MIDI Program Change messages, do this by doubling tapping on a midi track, tap the white area at the bottom of the screen to enlarge the area. Select “Program Change” from the column on the left and using the pencil tool (arrowed) draw a event shown circled in red in my photo, you can move this event up or down after you deselect the pencil tool otherwise you will add more events, the numeric value of this event is displayed on the left as you are touching it, next select “CC0 Bank Select” and enter bank number, and finaly, scroll the left column until you reach “CC32” (sub bank) and enter 0 unless your preset list says otherwise, most synths will except just a single Program Change number whilst others require bank, sub and program change number.
You can also check out the videos on the Cubasis launch screen, I have attached a Getting Started video below.
Enjoy Cubasis :slightly_smiling_face: