Cubasis Audio track Performance and Importing Load Time

Hello Forum I’m considering purchasing Cubasis for audio track mixing.Just had a few questions.

1.From reading, Cubasis stores MP3s and converts to wav. on import. How long to import a 24 track project?

2.How does the Ipad2 handle audio tracks.Whats the max anyone has run smoothly on Ipad2?

3.How does Cubasis compare to Auria for audio tracks? I read that Auria does not perform well on IPad2.
Is Cubasis a better program for larger audio projects?

Thanks in advance for any help on these pre-purchase questions.


loading time of a 24-track depends on various parameters that makes it impossible to give you an exact answer.

However, it should not take too much time to load an average project consisting of 24 audio tracks. While Cubasis can be used on an iPad 2 to make use of all its features (effects, on-board instruments, IAA, Audiobus etc.) it is highly recommended to use at least an iPad 3 or better.

Follow this link to learn more about this topic:

Thank you!