Performance problems


The overall performance of Cubasis depends on many factors such as the processor, the available RAM and the free hard disk space of your iPad as well as the sample rate setting, the number of tracks and the instruments and effects used in your project. Please note that the CPU-meter in Cubasis shows the complete workload of the iPad, not only the workload of Cubasis.
In addition, using inter-app data streaming technologies such as Audiobus and Inter-App Audio along with the number of assigned instrument apps has a significant impact on the performance of your iPad. When your system is overloaded and reaches critical values problems such as distorted sound, timing problems or other issues are inevitable. So depending on the iPad used and the complexity of your project you will eventually reach these limits sooner or later.

A few observations:

  • Older devices obviously reach their capacities substantially faster than current models.
  • CPU-demanding instrument apps significantly increase the system load and decrease the responsiveness.
  • Running multiple audio apps in parallel or connecting apps via Inter-App Audio and/or Audiobus increase the system load drastically.
  • Micrologue uses significantly more CPU power than MicroSonic

There are several possibilities to avoid performance issues:

  • Reduce the number of instrument tracks (especially Micrologue) and effects used in a project.
  • Reduce the polyphony by lowering it in the setup and in every Micrologue track. Also lower your song’s polyphony requirement by reducing the release times of instrument tracks and the number of simultaneous notes.
  • Use as few apps simultaneously as possible.
  • If you use Audiobus, set the buffer size to 512 in the Audiobus app.
  • Use the freeze function to render instrument tracks into audio tracks.
  • Make sure to unload instrument apps correctly after freezing them (otherwise they remain active in the background).
  • Make sure there are several GB (ideally more than 20%) of free disk space available. Disk performance is reduced if the disk space is close to full.
  • Quit all audio and non-audio apps by double tapping the home button and swiping them up.
  • Reboot your iPad from time to time by holding down the home and power button for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.
  • Find a good balance of instruments and sounds that does not stress the CPU too much.

Please note that these limitations are inherent to iOS. We tested similar settings with other competiting apps and these performance problems also appear there if you drive the system to the limit. With Cubasis it is easier to get to the limits of your iPad because it is easier to seamlessly combine many different apps (effects and instruments) using Audiobus and Inter-App Audio with the internal instruments.

As iPad are getting more powerful we expect these iOS issues to gradually fade out over time as iOS matures (not long ago iOS did not even support multi-tasking!).

We will continue to improve Cubasis with regular updates like in the past to give you the best music production system in the world of iOS apps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for acknowledging the issues in Cubasis and hopefully the solutions will come in the next update.My and I’m sure many other users main concern is that most of the problems were not there before the last update.So hopefully 1.7.2 along with IOS 7.1 will make Cubasis more stable again.When can we expect 1.7.2?

When it’s ready… :wink:

I hope its actually ready this time before y’all release it… I have multiple projects with no effects on 0 programs running in background polophony set to lowest and still get clipping\ stuttering in audio playback even when just Cubasis is open with no audiobus or interapp audio routings open… Even on projects with just audio from sample tank as I don’t use half put together sounding stuff…and as others have said as well it was not doing this before 1.7.1.

Just curious, are you using ipad2?

Ipad 4 wow cmon now son…lol

so are you guys actually fixing this or what when can we expect 1.7 .2 or am i deleting it and asking Apple for refund??

So let’s get this straight, Steinberg kindly come on the forum to announce that they are working on a fix in the 15th of Jan… just two weeks ago and all of a sudden you are DEMANDING that the release comes soon or you’ll delete the app and ask for a refund? I’m sure that most of the community on here agree that this sort of behaviour is counter productive and the expectation level is unrealistic. I recommend you apologise to the devs and calmly WAIT for the app to be updated.

Or are you SOOOO important that you simply should not be expected to wait like everyone else?

No more Trolling PLEEEEEASSSE…

Dear Phillippeo,

is your post serious?

This is the Steinberg support forum, so it is normal process that Steinberg Developers read and answer here.

The problems have been announced before and were well known at this time. Cubasis is a commercial App, not a Freebie. We are also not talking about one of these 0,79 € Apps, Cubasis is pemium priced (i paid 44 €). If someone get’s impatient because he paid that amount for a mainly useless app i do understand that.

Fine if you speak for yourself, i am not a part of your “most of the community”.
Steinberg Devs are professionals and won’t stop working on a fix because someone in this forum is posting a demanding statement.

Each and every customer is important, what else can he do rather than waiting as everyone else?

On topic: I can’t use Cubasis 1.7 due to the audio stuttering at all. I just don’t make a hazzle because i could revert back to 1.6 which works okay for me. If i would be stuck with a useless 1.71 i would not be pleased either.

@all, sorry for this off topic post

well said, Triwolf!

Triwolf, we are all in the same boat. I too have projects that are on hold until this gets sorted but my point is, there is no point in getting stressed at the devs for one reason… IOS7. This upgrade from Apple appears to have screwed up a lot of audio apps so whereas before the devs of Cubasis were starting to get somewhere in sorting out reliability, that’s all gone back to square one because of the fundamental changes in IOS7.

So yes my post is serious because I recorded two albums back around 1997 and then again in 2002 both commercial releases and both prone to all manner of crazy technological fails. Dreaded blue screen, whole projects mysteriously disappearing, shocking latency issues, audio stuttering and system freezes that are incomparable to the problems we are encountering on the ipad and all of that was on "state of the art PCs “optimised” for audio DAW work which cost thousands of pounds not £35.

We are at the cutting edge with mobile recording and just have to accept that this stuff is going to have bugs and that the devs will fix them as soon as they can. It’s part of the deal with new technology.

Yes we are all important but lets be really honest here… if we were THAT important we wouldn’t be worrying about recording on an ipad… we’d be getting paid serious cash from a record label who’d have their own engineers worrying about this stuff.

I also use ipad4. No probs the sort you mention.

I am a new iPad 2user, and have only had cubasis for one week. I am also experiencing the stuttering and crackling especially with iaa and Audiobus.
Is the iPad 2 not robust enough to handle a program like cubasis?

I’m curious about something. Are the people having problems with Cubasis working on jailbroken iPads? In addition, are they iPads with cellular?

I’m using an iPad 4, 128G and haven’t encountered problems with stuttering and crackling.

my Ipad2 is neither jailbroken nor cellular. did what recommended by the devs but no joy.nearly €50 waisted for an app unusable.was blinded by the name of steinberg. lesson learned…

My iPad 2 is not jailbroken, and I have gone through the troubleshooting/optimization suggestions to no avail.
Also, I am not experiencing audio problems of any kind with my other apps.

OK. At least this now eliminates jailbreaking and cellular as potential problem causing issues.

I need some help. Or its a bug?

I have iPad mini (not with retina) 32gb.

When i load some drum kits with reverb or even some synth pads from micrologue, the audio cracks and shatters. For example, the preset ‘brite mystic strings’ in micrologue. Can anyone try this patch and play fifth notes in 1/8th speed in 120 tempo and check if you are getting cracks in just 3rd or 4th beat?

There were no other apps open apart from cubasis and the setting were default. I have attached the screenshot of my settings.

I hope some can help and share this issue.


1.7.2 so slow … if an update for repairing a buggy version 1.7.1 needs so much time how about 1.8 :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:
take your time please

Ipad 4 16 gig… More that 25% free disk Still crackin on just playback on multiple projects