Cubasis Cubase not compatable? Really?

Why cant you open Cubase projects in Cubasis and Cubasis projects in Cubase seamelessly??

Is that not the most basic thing to do ???

Not compatable?? Really…??

Hi @martytess,

The freely downloadable Cubasis Project Importer, allows you to open Cubasis projects with Cubase. It is not possible to open Cubase projects with Cubasis directly, due to many differences between both apps and/or platforms.

We’ve tried our best to summarises the topic in the following article:

Hope that helps!


They should be seamless…

Not really useful if they are not…

Hi @martytess,

Technically impossible unfortunately…

The mobile and desktop OS world has many differences, which we’ve tried to list in the article above.


Steinberg should fix that, make it compatible as the name leads one to believe it would be.

It is not technically impossible for any software to read any other software. It would need some effort, it may need to be partly rewritten, but that could be seen as an error in the original design that can be corrected.

I bought Cubasis because it seemed obvious that it would integrate with Cubase, it was simply a mobile version. I was sadly disappointed and have not used the software because of this.

Hi @martytess,

Thanks for your message.

We’ve done our best to describe the features of Cubasis in the App Store and Google Play descriptions and on the Cubasis website in order to avoid any confusion. Plus, there are many tutorials available which demonstrate the apps’ workflow and functions.

Nevertheless we are sorry to read if the feature set of the app does not meet with your expectations.


Compatibility is the obvious foundation of any portable version of a larger platform… It is astonishing that this most primary function was ignored…

Even more astonishing that Cubasis exists in the first place. Fantastic app for those who know how to use it.

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Im glad you are so astonished…