Cubasis Importer Problem // NO THE ANSWER ISN'T IN YOUR KB

Steinberg…any reason why an up to date Cubasis app and an up to date Cubase 7 work so poorly together? I cannot import ANY projects into Cubase. I repeatedly get the “Unknown File Type” error…with every single project. Anyone have any advice?


I posted here:
under “What’s next”, that a new Cubasis Project Importer Plug-in will be released soon! This will make the project compatibles with Cubase 7 again.

So…you released a version with a MAJOR flaw like the inability to import into Cubase 7? Without ANY notification anywhere in the app description? Or did I miss that note somewhere? Guys, for a $50 app this is completely foul.

Hi Preslav,

Sorry for your circumstances, but Cubasis 1.6 doesn’t work with Cubasis Importer Version 1.2.1.

Wait for the next importer release, it will be coming soon.


Jan I appreciate the apology, but maybe you can answer my question: was this issue noted anywhere on the app description? Because I certainly would have waited until you released a fully functional version before spending $50 on a crippled one.

Hi Preslav,

We released the Cubasis 1.6 update earlier to give all the users the update as soon as possible.
Here is the new Cubasis Project Importer 1.3 pre-release that will bring back the project compatibility: