Cubasis replacing my recordings


I spent several hours recording yesterday but when i was nearly finished cubasis apparently replaced a large amount of my recordings with the last recorded session up to that point. I have searched the forums and did not find a thread that described a similar problem, although i might be wrong here. I am furthermore fairly new to the whole recording thing so my terminology might not be exactly great, although i do hope the issue is clear enough from my description.


DAW: Cubasis 1.9.5
Audio interface: Focusrite iTrack Dock
Hardware: Apple Ipad Air (v1, 32g)
IOS: 8.3

I am recording an electric guitar into the iTrack Dock, into Audiobus, split signal:

Signal 1 into Bias Fx into Cubasis.
Signal 2 straight into Cubasis.

Thus ensuring I always have one clear track for later use, and one track with amp simulation.

In cubasis I have 5 midi tracks (drums and several synths), three bass recorded bass tracks and I am currently quad recording a guitar.

Problem description:

I spent two hours recording the first guitar part, which was fine. I then proceeded to record a second major part of the guitar line. After completion my cubasis crashed and my most recent recording sessions (quad recorded guitar, with two tracks per recording, thus eight tracks) were replaced with the previously recorded session. Effectively replacing one hour of recording work with an incorrect guitar line. I attempted to use the undo functionality of cubasis but this had little effect. Thus I spent an additional hour replacing all these guitar lines, blaming the problem on the crash. I then proceeded to record the next several guitar lines until I finished all the distorted guitar tracks. I exported the session to drop box as a back-up and continued to record several clean parts. When I nearly finished recording the guitar lines I wanted to listen back to my overall work and noticed that the session playing was incorrect. Apparently all the sessions that I had recorded up to before my earlier mentioned crash, on eight tracks for distorted guitar and two tracks for clean guitar had been replaced with my most recently recorded clean part.

I believe this is the result of a bug in cubasis, from what I understand, when I attempt to export my files or when cubasis reloads itself after closing, all my recorded sessions are replaced with the most recently recorded sessions, up to a specific point in my recording. i am also wondering whether this problem might be tied to the amount of recordings in my project, as i was able to record my bass just fine and the initial guitar records also remain unchanged. i do have enough free space on my ipad however and my cpu usage remains below the 5 to 10 % from what i can see.

As a result, I just lost 5 hours of recording work and I must say that I am highly disappointed in cubasis. I think the program in its current state is untrustworthy, and as a result useless for any serious recording attempt. Since the issue appears to be tied to the saving of my project it is furthermore very difficult to work around this bug.

i have furthermore added three screenshots showing the issue. The recording with the green border is my last recorded piece, while the recordings with red borders have all been retroactively changed into the green recording. Notice how the waveforms are all the same. Some of the previous recordings are shorter or longer then the last recording, in these cases cubasis has simply stretched or shortened the recording to match the old size.

Kind but frustrated regards,

Bestand 05-08-15 00 26 55.png
Bestand 05-08-15 00 26 43.png
Bestand 05-08-15 00 26 12.png

Hi Erwin,

have same problem by pressing “UNDO” button. Suddenly the guitar audiotrack was on IM Audiotrack, etc. All track were replaced.

This issue should be solved since new Update. But i don´t trust, so I “SAVE AUDIO TO MEDIA” in Cubasis folder. So I rescue the Audiofiles, if they lost in my actuell projekt.

I also have a focusrite iTrack Dock.

Greetings from Germany

This sounds similar (the same?) as the problem I posted about some time ago:


We’re sorry to hear about this issue (that seemed to be fixed with Cubasis 1.9).

In order to evaluate a fix, a simple but detailed step by step repro would be mandatory.

If someone of you has been able to nail it down, please share the exact steps with us.

P.S.: Regarding the lost audio files please double check if the files appear either in the audio or trash folder!