Cunase pro 10 not saving correctly

I am having an issue where Cubase pro 10 is not saving the correct audio files.
This is the situation
I recorded about 7 songs for a band demo onto a SD card in my Behringer X32
The X32 saves those each take into a folder and I can then import them into Cubase for editing.
I created a blank template and would then import the audio and save the project.
I did this each time without closing Cubase.
when I re-opened those saved projects the audio files were all mixed up.
Things like song number 4 would have tracks from song number 2 and so on.
I think the issue is the Pool…as it seems to have all of the audio files in it from all of the 7 songs.
the x32 names each audio file 00000001.wav but they are in different folders which are named differently.
When I import them into Cubase…Cubase separates each track and gives them a new name but it seems to give them a similar name for each song which is causing the confusion.
I found that I can empty the pool and then it seems to be ok but it is a real pain
any other ideas

Sounds like a template issue and/or how you are creating/saving the template and each project.

I suggest that you create a new user template making sure that it does not have a shared pool. Look here for the concern…

Then make sure that when you create each project from that template to have the “Prompt for Project Location” option enabled and create a new separate folder for each.

Regards :sunglasses: